Best kids electric cars for 2021
If you’re trying to get your human children (or perhaps your adventurous pets) interested in cars, a battery-powered ride-on electric car is kind of the next best thing to a real car — unless you’re already independently wealthy and have plans to raise the next Senna by financing their... Read more
Down With Dongles! Apple Brings Back the MacBook Ports
WIRED hasn’t been a magazine about cables for a long time. But even if it were, I’d still have a job. I have a home recording studio and spend my days testing TVs, soundbars, and other audiovisual equipment for our Gear section. There’s so much copper cabling in my... Read more
Qualcomm Smart Cities partner weaves IoT lighting into large-scale digital twins
Join gaming leaders online at GamesBeat Summit Next this upcoming November 9-10. Learn more about what comes next.  IoT product provider Zyter has partnered with Juganu, a technology company providing solutions for the professional lighting market, to weave advanced lighting tech into smart cities. Zyter’s IoT platform breaks down... Read more
How to Avoid Keyword Cannibalization
Search engines are one of the most commonly used tech tools in the world, with the vast majority of the global internet-connected population conducting dozens of searches each day. That’s why so many business owners have turned to the power of search engines, with strategies like search engine optimization... Read more
SpaceX Starship proposal draws vocal public support, some criticism in FAA hearing
Starship gets stacked on Super Heavy. Elon Musk Dozens of people had the chance Monday to let the US government know how they feel about SpaceX’s plan to begin orbital flights of Starship from “Starbase,” the company’s launch site in Boca Chica, Texas.  A majority of the public comments... Read more
Apple’s New MacBook Pro Goes Back to What Makes Laptops Great
The reintroduction of a MagSafe magnetic charging port, a staple in older Macs, is especially welcome if you tend to be clumsy and trip over your charging cables. MagSafe mostly ensures the cable releases and that the laptop doesn’t go crashing to the floor. That reversion to functionality has... Read more
Samus Aran chooses not to speak in Metroid Dread, and that makes all the difference
Join gaming leaders online at GamesBeat Summit Next this upcoming November 9-10. Learn more about what comes next.  Metroid Dread is a wonderful game due to its fast pacing, excellent mechanics, and world design, but a potentially underrated element is the game’s characterization. Samus Aran, the hero of every... Read more
AirPods 3: What the rumors got right (and wrong)
Apple Apple has officially unveiled the third-generation AirPods at its second fall event of 2021 alongside new MacBook Pros with M1 Pro and Max chips, plus a freshly-painted HomePod Mini. After tracking all the rumors and speculation for months leading up to the launch, here’s a list of what... Read more
Everything Apple Just Announced: M1 Pro and M1 Max, MacBook Pro, AirPods 3
On top of the screen is a notch that houses a 1080p camera for video calls, with a wider aperture that allows in more light, so expect better video call performance in dim rooms. But unlike the notch in the iPhone, there’s no TrueDepth camera system here, which means... Read more
Paris Hilton heads to the metaverse with Decentraland and Genies
Join gaming leaders online at GamesBeat Summit Next this upcoming November 9-10. Learn more about what comes next.  Paris Hilton has embraced the decentralized world of blockchain and the metaverse in a partnership with Decentraland and Genies. The celebrity will be one of the headline artists of the inaugural... Read more