The 18 TV Shows We’re Most Looking Forward to in 2022
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Real-time analytics in 2022: What to expect?
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Low-income US residents can get discounts up to $75 on internet service. How to sign up
The US government is trying to lower internet costs at a time when they’re most critical. Getty Images The US government opened up applications for a new program Friday, offering qualifying residents up to $75 off their monthly internet bills per month. Called the Affordable Connectivity Program, the initiative... Read more
Is 5G Available for You? Here’s How to Find Out
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40 games worth getting excited about in 2022 | GB Decides 229
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How Can the Healthcare Industry Benefit from IoMT?
The healthcare industry has changed a lot in recent days. No need to queue up. Say hello to video calls to consult the doctors. This sector has improved in recent days with technologies such as IoT for healthcare as its backbone. Thanks to an increase in data security, cost-reduction... Read more
Airlines ask FCC to again delay 5G rollout near airports beyond Jan. 5
The rollout of 5G wireless hasn’t been smooth. Getty Images Airline companies filed an emergency request with the Federal Communications Commission Thursday, asking to further delay rollout of 5G wireless service near airports until further studies can prove the signals won’t disrupt critical airplane instruments. Airlines for America, which... Read more
The Physics of Wile E. Coyote’s 10 Billion-Volt Electromagnet
I like to analyze the physics of science fiction, and so I’m going to argue that the Merrie Melodies cartoon “Compressed Hare” takes place in the far future when animals rule the world. I mean, Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote walk on two legs, talk, and build stuff.... Read more
Disctopia actually pays artists for their work, and a one-year subscription is only $40
Did you know that while you’re pumping away to your favorite song on your trusty Peloton bike, the company is paying the artist of that song just 3 cents? And if that sounds like literal chump change, then think about this — that 3 cents is actually on the... Read more
Schrems II Explained: How The Legal Decision Affects IoT
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