At over $50 off today, you’ll be mad if you don’t purchase this large air fryer
Insignia I’ve gotten very cozy with my air fryer lately. I use it several times a week to make quick, frozen snacks or to reheat leftover pizza as well as incredibly easy from-scratch dinners like crispy chicken thighs alongside even crispier potatoes. The best part? When I’m through, a simple rinse... Read more
The Prisoner Who Revolutionized Chinese Language With a Teacup
Zhi felt greatly encouraged. His solitary work was running parallel to these larger efforts. Most of them, though, still had not been able to free themselves from clunky keyboards. While breaking down characters into components had worked well enough for specific character retrieval indexes and typewriter keyboard designs, it... Read more
How emerging tech will influence freedom, industry, and money in the metaverse
Join gaming leaders, alongside GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming, for their 2nd Annual GamesBeat & Facebook Gaming Summit | GamesBeat: Into the Metaverse 2 this upcoming January 25-27, 2022. Learn more about the event.  This article was contributed by Brad Yasar, founder and CEO of EQIFI. Innovation related to the... Read more
Nintendo Switch OLED vs. all the others: Which one is best for you?
The Nintendo Switch OLED is the third version of the Nintendo Switch since 2017. It sits alongside the Switch Lite and the original Switch, which had two generations of devices. The question is not only whether you should buy a Switch — now you need to ask which one... Read more
TikTok Has Created a West Elm Caleb Cinematic Universe
In the 2020 paper “TikTok and the ‘Algorithmized Self’” researchers argue the platform is different from other social networking sites (SNS) because it’s less about connecting with a network of friends and more “a site for public performance heavily built on intrapersonal engagement” while creating content for a trending... Read more
Big Tech is finally warming to cannabis and the cannabis industry
Did you miss a session from the Future of Work Summit? Head over to our Future of Work Summit on-demand library to stream. This article was contributed by Paul Dunford, cofounder and director of program development at Green Check Verified. The tweet and the issue On February 13, 2021, actor and... Read more
Get a lifetime subscription to Babbel for just $199 and master a new language
Babbel Learning a new language can be fun, intellectually stimulating or even necessary for coursework in school, but today, with so many people communicating across boarders through our digitally connected world, it can also be an important skill to hone no matter where your interests lie. That’s where Babbel... Read more
Got an Invasive Army of Crayfish Clones? Try Eating Them
This story originally appeared on The Guardian and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Small, bluish-gray, and speckled, the marbled crayfish would be easy to overlook. Except for the fact it is likely to be coming to a pond or river near you soon—if it is not already... Read more
The Log4Shell vulnerability: A postmortem
Did you miss a session from the Future of Work Summit? Head over to our Future of Work Summit on-demand library to stream. This article was contributed by Ariel Assaraf, CEO of Coralogix  The Log4shell vulnerability was a fitting, panicked end to what was already a difficult year. Now that the... Read more
NFL Playoffs: How to watch Bengals vs. Titans, 49ers vs. Packers without cable
Last week’s Super Wild Card weekend narrowed the field of Super Bowl contenders to eight teams. Four will be in action on Saturday, starting with the Tennessee Titans hosting the Cincinnati Bengals, followed by the San Francisco 49ers taking on the Green Bay Packers at frigid, storied Lambeau Field.... Read more