PC manufacturing pioneer Tom Yuen passes away at 70
Tom Yuen was on dialysis for 42 years, and I’m sad to learn that the serial entrepreneur who cofounded AST Research passed away at age 70 on February 13. But I’m glad to know that he beat the odds on his kidney disease for far longer than doctors expected.... Read more
After Ukraine recruits an “IT Army,” dozens of Russian sites go dark
Cyberspace is feeling the strain of Russia’s deadly invasion of Ukraine: multiple sites tied to the Kremlin and its allies in Belarus have been unavailable to all or at least major parts of the Internet in recent days. The outages began last week with the defacement of Russian websites... Read more
Freelancers, Contractors, Solopreneurs Anyone? – ReadWrite
We’re seeing an increase in the professional freelancers and contracted personnel who have the flexibility and work/life balance they desire. The “Great Resignation” provides an opportunity for tech startups to serve a growing class of solo professionals. So is the “Great Resignation” we’ve been hearing so much about the... Read more
HBO Max: The 28 Best TV Shows to Watch
The Tourist premieres on HBO Max Thursday.  HBO Max HBO Max has gradually built up a stack of TV shows well worth your binge-watching hours. The home of Succession and The White Lotus, it also brings new shows and episodes each week. Let’s check out the weekly highlights below... Read more
An ‘Unhinged’ Putin Threatens Dangerous Escalation in Ukraine War
However, Putin—whose military has performed far more poorly in Ukraine than anyone anticipated and has faced heavy, embarrassing setbacks—also hardly seems likely to accept defeat or a stalemate in Ukraine. “We’re in a really dangerous place; having pushed all the chips into the pot and not succeeded so far,... Read more
How to create a sustainable NFT game economy and why it matters
Join today’s leading executives online at the Data Summit on March 9th. Register here. This article was contributed by Derek Lau, game director for Guild of Guardians. Play-to-earn gaming has flipped the traditional gaming paradigm upside down. Where Web2 publishers and developers often deploy pay-to-win dynamics that skew the... Read more
Ukraine asks Musk for Starlink terminals as Russian invasion disrupts broadband
Enlarge / The new version of Dishy McFlatface. Starlink SpaceX is sending Starlink user terminals to Ukraine after a request from a government official. Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s vice prime minister and minister of digital transformation, used Twitter to make a direct plea to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Saturday,... Read more
IoT market outgrows its own security. Hackers love it.
Imagine going to your local grocery store on the corner to grab a few snacks, only to receive a heartfelt sermon about the virtues of unionization from the receipt printer. Yes, the same one that urged you to subscribe to a YouTube star a few years ago. It’s a... Read more
Best Cheap TV Deals: Save Over $150 on TCL 4-Series, $170 on Amazon Omni Series and More
These days, going shopping for a new TV can be a little bit intimidating. With high-grade specs such as “8K resolution” and “AI-assisted picture” getting tossed around, it can feel like you’re going to end up paying for a whole slew of features you don’t really need. Sometimes, all... Read more
What Are the Rules for Celebrities Promoting NFTs?
This January, actress Mila Kunis videoconferenced with Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi Zuckerberg to discuss her NFT project, “Stoner Cats,” as a few thousand viewers watched from home. The conversation was part of an online event held by the new crypto-for-ladies group MyBFF. All evening, speaker after speaker had stressed... Read more