Western Digital wants to give your PC whiplash with new SN770 NVME
Computer gaming has come a long way since I was a kid with my 8086 processor and 640K of RAM. Peripherals have come and gone many times over. At one time, Soundblasters ruled the Earth, but now sound reproduction is mostly done in system on the motherboard or graphics... Read more
It’s a new space age for billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk
On January 24, the James Webb Space Telescope arrived at its final destination, about a million miles away from Earth. There, the largest telescope in history is stationed to observe the cosmos, allowing astronomers to look farther out in space and further back in time. The Webb took over... Read more
3 Important Applications of an iOS Barcode Scanner
iOS is a hardware-specific operating system developed by Apple Inc. The company released the first iOS version in 2007 for iPhone. Statistics indicate that there are more than 1 billion iPhone users today. Moreover, the number is growing every year, with iOS being the second most commonly used mobile... Read more
Apple Watch SE vs. Series 7: Why Apple’s cheaper watch could be the better value
Apple Watch fans shopping for a new smartwatch have three options to choose from: The high-end $399 (£369, AU$599) Apple Watch Series 7 (which replaces the Series 6), the midrange $279 (£249, AU$429) Apple Watch SE and the budget $199 (£179, AU$299) Apple Watch Series 3. Although the Series 7... Read more
PlayStation 5 sales fall behind PS4’s pace due to semiconductor shortage
Sony shipped 3.9 million PlayStation 5 consoles during its fiscal Q3. That brings the company’s total to 17.3 million PS5s shipped as of the end of 2021. While that is another strong number for one of the fastest-selling consoles ever, it is down from the 4.5 million Sony shipped... Read more
Farewell, Tom Brady, and thanks for all the memes
Video screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET Tom Brady officially confirmed his retirement on Tuesday after 22 years in the NFL. To put things in perspective, Brady started playing quarterback in the NFL in the year 2000. That’s the year of Bush vs. Gore, the year Jennifer Aniston married Brad... Read more
Sony forecasts lower PS5 sales due to chip shortages again
In its third-fiscal quarter earnings today, Sony reported that its game revenues slipped in the quarter versus a year ago, and it lowered its forecast for PlayStation 5 sales in the coming quarter due to chip shortages. In the quarter December 31, Sony reported revenues of $7.09 billion for... Read more
Is Staff Augmentation Right for You at this Time?
Considering the enormous costs of hiring, training, and maintaining an entire department, staff augmentation may be the solution. What does the IT industry expect from its employees? Today, we expect excellent service, a competitive mindset, and a professional attitude in the IT industry. Of course, some would say this... Read more
February is too-too much if you love numerical palindromes in your months
The second month of 2022 contains two days with palindromes created from the number two. Gety Images If two is your lucky number, Wednesday could be the most amazing day for you … for a little less than three weeks, anyway. Wednesday’s date, Feb. 2, 2022, can be abbreviated... Read more
Extreme Heat in the Oceans Is Out of Control
Ocean depth plays a big role in how regions are affected. While the depth of the middle of the Pacific Ocean allows cooler waters to upwell, the shallower areas around tropical islands get no such relief. Island nations are at additional risk because water gets bigger as it gets... Read more