DDoSers are using a potent new method to deliver attacks of unthinkable size
Last August, academic researchers discovered a potent new method for knocking sites offline: a fleet of misconfigured servers more than 100,000 strong that can amplify floods of junk data to once-unthinkable sizes. These attacks, in many cases, could result in an infinite routing loop that causes a self-perpetuating flood... Read more
The Fastest Food Industry Trend
The COVID-19 pandemic brought about the downfall of many different industries. Yet, as businesses shut down and the world came to a standstill — one particular industry thrived.  The food business industry. Part of the reason they could survive is that they were smart enough to pivot their business... Read more
Best Adjustable Mattress for 2022
Adjustable mattresses offer customizable positioning and a wide range of sleep position-related benefits they offer, including improved circulation, a reduction in snoring, better spine alignment, help with sleep apnea and relief from acid reflux, have long been attractive to mattress shoppers. Some adjustable mattresses also come with massage features such as a foot massager,... Read more
Report: 85% of companies experience at least one ransomware attack per year
Join today’s leading executives online at the Data Summit on March 9th. Register here. A new study from ExtraHop shows a major discrepancy between perception versus reality — 77% of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) said they were very or completely confident in their company’s ability to prevent or mitigate cybersecurity... Read more
Microsoft identifies and mitigates new malware targeting Ukraine “within 3 hours”
Microsoft has been pushing harder to increase the baseline security features of Windows PCs for a couple of years now—the “secured-core PC” initiative launched back in 2019 was meant to guard against firmware-level attacks, and Windows 11’s system requirements mandate support for many supported-but-optional security features from Windows 10.... Read more
How to Create a Cybersecurity Disaster Recovery Plan
If you want to protect your business and avoid a total catastrophe, it’s essential to create a cybersecurity disaster recovery plan. But what exactly does this entail? And what are the best strategies for putting one together? What is a cybersecurity disaster recovery plan? Disaster recovery is all about... Read more
Facebook, YouTube to Restrict Some Russian State-Controlled Media Across Europe
Facebook is facing more pressure to crack down on Russian state-controlled media spreading propaganda.  Getty Images Facebook, YouTube and other social networks are limiting access to Russian state-controlled media outlets RT and Sputnik across Europe, a move that will likely heighten tensions between some of the world’s most popular... Read more
Microsoft’s new service helps health care organizations analyze multiple data types simultaneously
Join today’s leading executives online at the Data Summit on March 9th. Register here. In September 2020, Microsoft launched Cloud for Healthcare, a managed service offering that’s designed to help health care organizations manage their operations. In an expansion of the original vision, the company today announced Azure Health... Read more
Bitcoin and crypto are helping both sides in the Russia-Ukraine conflict
In times of crisis, there is no good; there’s only a best course of action, given the circumstances. Is crypto good in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Is it bad? Neutral? It’s a hard question to answer. Cryptocurrency is now a more mainstream part of the global... Read more
The Surprising Reason Most Legal Tech Solutions Fail
If spending is any indication, the legal sector is amidst a tech renaissance. Funding for legal tech startups increased from a modest $100 million in 2018 to $1.1 billion in 2019. New tech solutions promise to revolutionize the practice of law. So why has the impact been unimpressive thus far? That’s... Read more