How to Protect Your Digital Privacy if ‘Roe v. Wade’ Falls
While it may be increasingly important for people in the US to consciously consider what they’re posting when it comes to their own abortions or those of loved ones, Hayley McMahon, an independent public health researcher who studies abortion access, notes that the goal of this advice is not... Read more
Filmmakers adapting video games don’t have to be fans — but it helps
Did you miss a session from GamesBeat Summit 2022? All sessions are available to stream now. Learn more.  The movie industry is making more adaptations of video games than ever before, and the dynamics of the forms of media have changed. At GamesBeat Summit 2022, three panelists (moderated by... Read more
Facebook Accused of Deliberately Causing Havoc in Australia Over News Content Law
A new report from The Wall Street Journal Thursday revealed internal Facebook messages praising teams for seemingly hardball tactics taking down pages of the Australian government, including emergency services and charities. This all reportedly happened as the country was considering a new law that would require companies like Google... Read more
A Vast Underground Water System Helps Drive Antarctica’s Glaciers
Lake Whillans is a strange body of water, starting with the fact that there is liquid to fill it at all. Though buried under more than 2,000 feet of Antarctic ice, its temperatures climb to just shy of 0 degrees Celsius, thanks to a combination of geothermal warmth, intense... Read more
The challenge of making data science zero-trust
We are excited to bring Transform 2022 back in-person July 19 and virtually July 20 – 28. Join AI and data leaders for insightful talks and exciting networking opportunities. Register today! On March 21, President Biden warned of cyberattacks from Russia and reiterated the need to improve the state... Read more
Tesla’s Powerwall and other home batteries are part of a bigger movement
It seems as though everyone is talking about electric vehicle batteries lately. Automakers are racing to make these batteries more powerful so they can convince more people to buy EVs, and the Biden administration is spending billions to make the United States a manufacturing hub for next-generation battery technology.... Read more
Elon Musk Will Be Temporary Twitter CEO Once Deal Closes, Report Says
Elon Musk is expected to step into the position of temporary CEO for Twitter once his $44 billion deal to buy the social network is completed, reported CNBC’s David Faber on Thursday, citing unnamed sources. He’ll reportedly lead the company for a “few months.” While raising funds for his... Read more
Every ISP in the US Must Block These 3 Pirate Streaming Services
A federal judge has ordered all internet service providers in the United States to block three pirate streaming services operated by Doe defendants who never showed up to court and hid behind false identities. The blocking orders affect,, and, as well as related domains listed in... Read more
NFT transactions stabilize after explosive growth in 2021
Did you miss a session from GamesBeat Summit 2022? All sessions are available to stream now. Learn more.  NFT transactions exploded in 2021 as fans discovered the digital collectible tech built on the blockchain, but it has since stabilized and slowed its growth in 2022, according to a report... Read more
The Quest to Save an Antarctic Kingdom Before It Falls Into Ruin
Stephen King unfurled a map on the hood of a colleague’s car in Winchester, England. Traveling across the countryside, in the middle of World War II, the car’s crankshaft had given out, stranding the pair of crop researchers on the side of a dusty back road. On his map,... Read more