San Francisco’s Killer Police Robots Threaten the City’s Most Vulnerable
One effect of AB 481 is to add local oversight to hardware like the kind obtained through a US Department of Defense program that sends billions of dollars of military equipment such as armored vehicles and ammunition to local police departments. Equipment from the program was used against protesters in... Read more
A look back at the metaverse in 2022: Hype, investments and marketing moves
This year, 2022, can be considered a fruitful year for metaverse investments, though doubts about the viability of the virtual world still cross some stakeholders’ minds. Last year, companies and venture capital firms pooled $57 billion in stakes, but that amount has since been surpassed by the $120+ billion... Read more
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings likes Elon Musk, video games, and binge watching
Netflix doesn’t want to sell itself to Microsoft. It does want to get really deep into the games business. Elon Musk is a brave guy, and we should cut him some slack. And did we mention that Netflix really, really wants to be in games? Those are some of... Read more
Chrome, Defender, and Firefox 0-days linked to commercial IT firm in Spain
Google researchers said on Wednesday they have linked a Barcelona, Spain-based IT company to the sale of advanced software frameworks that exploit vulnerabilities in Chrome, Firefox, and Windows Defender. Variston IT bills itself as a provider of tailor-made Information security solutions, including technology for embedded SCADA (supervisory control and... Read more
2022 Geminid Meteor Shower Active Now, Already Raining Down Shooting Stars
The Geminid meteor shower, typically the strongest meteor shower of the year, is officially active in the night skies and producing shooting stars and fireballs.  Even now, before its peak in mid-December, the Geminids can produce at least one meteor per hour, according to the American Meteor Society.  That’s... Read more
Google Moves to Block Invasive Spanish Spyware Framework
The commercial spyware industry has increasingly come under fire for selling powerful surveillance tools to anyone who can pay, from governments to criminals around the world. Across the European Union, details of how spyware has been used to target activists, opposition leaders, lawyers, and journalists in multiple countries have... Read more
How penetration testing bolsters API security
Check out the on-demand sessions from the Low-Code/No-Code Summit to learn how to successfully innovate and achieve efficiency by upskilling and scaling citizen developers. Watch now. Last year, Gartner predicted that API attacks would become the most-frequent attack vector in 2022. While it remains unclear whether this is the... Read more
Companies are cutting Zoom accounts and office space instead of jobs
In the last three months, Dumbo Moving downsized about 200 offices into storage and about another 100 into smaller office space. That’s double what the New York City-based moving company did in the same period last year and multiples higher than what it would have done pre-pandemic. The moving... Read more
The Absolute Best Sci-Fi TV Shows on Netflix
Netflix is sitting on a wide range of sci-fi series, from Stranger Things to Black Mirror to The OA. It’s also tapped excellent international content, including German sci-fi Dark — one of the best series on Netflix full stop — as well as hidden gems, such as Canadian sci-fi Travelers. Scroll down to hopefully find the best... Read more
Electric Vehicles Cut US Gas Consumption by a Measly 0.54%
Electric vehicles have never been more popular. Just about every automaker is in the midst of an electrification effort, spurred on by impending government regulations around the world aimed at reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. But is the movement having an effect? Here in the US, plug-in vehicles... Read more