IAB releases guide for brands to start marketing in the metaverse
Did you miss a session from GamesBeat Summit Next 2022? All sessions are now available for viewing in our on-demand library. Click here to start watching. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released its Metaverse for Brands Guide, designed to help marketers evaluate their options. The report includes key... Read more
We Tested 4 Ultra-Cheap Projectors, Starting at Less Than $50
Most of the best projectors we review here at CNET fall in the $500-to-$1,500 range because we’ve found that’s the sweet spot for price and performance. We’ve done a handful of high-end projectors, which are great if you can afford them, and we’ve also found some gems for just a... Read more
The Hunt for the Kingpin Behind AlphaBay, Part 6: Endgame
The direct ripple effects of that explosion of incriminating data, passed through so many institutions’ records, aren’t easy to track. But over the following years, Grant Rabenn, who served as custodian of the files the Justice Department had assembled from Operation Bayonet, says he received requests for that information... Read more
Predictions for AI, video, chips and more in 2023 | Deloitte
Check out the on-demand sessions from the Low-Code/No-Code Summit to learn how to successfully innovate and achieve efficiency by upskilling and scaling citizen developers. Watch now. The new year will see AI tools for chip design, video streams with ad support, and a crowd of satellites in space, according... Read more
How secure a Twitter replacement is Mastodon? Let us count the ways
Getty Images As Elon Musk critics flee from Twitter, Mastodon seems to be the most common replacement. In the last month, the number of monthly active users on Mastodon has rocketed more than threefold, from about 1 million to 3.5 million, while total number of users jumped from about... Read more
The Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Coming in 2022
As the calendar shifts to December, you may be looking to dabble in some Christmas cheer. It turns out the Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channels are debuting a whopping 40 new holiday movies this year. So there are plenty of opportunities to take in the film equivalent... Read more
The Planet Desperately Needs That UN Plastics Treaty
This week in Uruguay, scientists, environmentalists, and government representatives—and, of course, lobbyists—are gathering to begin negotiations on a United Nations treaty on plastics. It’s only the start of talks, so we don’t know how they will shape up, but some of the bargaining chips on the table include production limits... Read more
Far Cry 6’s Lost Between Worlds expansion is sci-fi shenanigans
Did you miss a session from GamesBeat Summit Next 2022? All sessions are now available for viewing in our on-demand library. Click here to start watching. Ubisoft announced the new expansion to Far Cry 6, called Lost Between Worlds, in a livestream today. The publisher also revealed other updates... Read more
OpenAI upgrades GPT-3, stunning with rhyming poetry and lyrics
Enlarge / An AI-generated image inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. Ars Technica On Monday, OpenAI announced a new model in the GPT-3 family of AI-powered large language models, text-davinci-003, that reportedly improves on its predecessors by handling more complex instructions and producing longer-form content. Almost immediately, people discovered that... Read more
More People Should Watch One of the Very Best TV Shows of 2022
Remember the “golden age” of TV? It arguably all kicked off with The Sopranos in 1999 and got rolling with shows like The Wire, Lost and Deadwood in the mid-2000s. Big-time productions that could match Hollywood in terms of budget and scale.  But that was just the beginning. TV... Read more