The 10 Best and Cruelest Games of 2022
In Blue Twelve Studios’ postapocalypse, humans are gone and cats are left to roam the neon-lit ruins. Stray, a puzzle platformer where players control an orange tabby traversing a cyberpunk world, is straightforward in its approach: You are a lost cat. You can meow and scratch and be endlessly annoying, all while... Read more
10 digital twin trends for 2023
Interest in digital twins has picked up over the last year. Digital twin tools are growing in capability, performance and ease of use. They are also taking advantage of promising formats like USD and glTF to connect the dots among different tools and processes. Advances in techniques for combining... Read more
I Have 5G on My Phone at Home, So Why Can’t I Get 5G Home Internet?
It’s been a few years since 5G started rolling out, but I must confess, as we enter 2023, sometimes it still baffles me. One of the questions I’m often asked is, “My provider says I can’t get its 5G home internet service — even though when I’m at home, I can... Read more
Coming Soon: More Ways to Be Yourself in the Metaverse
The limitless variety of fashion items, skin colors, body shapes, hair styles and other options for digital identities on today’s immersive platforms already allow millions to be whomever they want to be in these environments. 2023 will be a breakout year for people bringing their fully realized selves into... Read more
Xbox begins 2023 with Iris Fall and Autonauts for Gold members
Connect with gaming and metaverse leaders online at GamesBeat Summit: Into the Metaverse 3 this February 1-2. Register here. Xbox has announced its first free games for subscribers in 2023. While the news doesn’t cover the first wave of Game Pass additions — though I have no doubt those... Read more
Thursday Night Football: How to Watch, Stream Cowboys vs. Titans Tonight on Prime Video or Twitch
Thursday Night Football: How to Watch, Stream Cowboys vs. Titans Tonight on Prime Video or Twitch – CNET Want CNET to notify you of price drops and the latest stories? Source link Read more
Is It 2023 Yet? | WIRED

Is It 2023 Yet? | WIRED

News December 30, 2022

Michael Calore: In one word? Lauren Goode: I’ll give you a phrase. Michael Calore: Elon Musk. Lauren Goode: Oh, really? It’s like a proper noun. Michael Calore: Yeah. Lauren Goode: It’s like an improper noun. Michael Calore: I mean, he looms large. What about you? Lauren Goode: I went... Read more
Report: Cloud revenue growth far outpaces on-premises
Check out all the on-demand sessions from the Intelligent Security Summit here. Battery Ventures’ State of the OpenCloud 2022 report examines the landscape of cloud infrastructure and open-source software and offers operational best practices for cloud companies. Cloud giants like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud... Read more
4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Target Shopping Experience in the New Year
This story is part of 12 Days of Tips, helping you make the most of your tech, home and health during the holiday season. It’s a running joke that if you go to Target for one thing, you’ll end up buying a bunch of other stuff, too. Many people... Read more
It’s Time to Break Bad Pandemic Learning Habits
I’ve been in academics for more than 20 years as a member of the physics faculty at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana. Here, the department is small enough that all of us get to share in the course load, which is quite nice—it gives me an opportunity to... Read more