The Best TV Adaptations of Video Games, Ranked
Remember when movie adaptations of video games were universally terrible? That’s a distant memory because, as a culture and a collective, we’ve seized upon a solution: TV shows. Ever since some bright spark decided to stop shoehorning 30-hour video games into a rigid three act structure, adaptations of classic... Read more
Why Bother Bringing Back the Dodo?
This makes a lot of sense. De-extincting an entire species will require breakthroughs in all kinds of areas: gene editing and sequencing, artificial wombs, and so on. Lamm wants all the technology Colossal develops to have potential applications—and paying customers—in the world of human health care. “That’s fundamental to... Read more
Iron Galaxy’s Rumbleverse is sailing into the sunset
Back in August 2022, Iron Galaxy’s Rumbleverse slammed onto the scene as a battle royale brawler for 40 people. The game was an original title from a company that makes a lot of its revenue from work-for-hire and contract work, and it had a lot of promise with its... Read more