India Shut Down Mobile Internet in Punjab Amid Manhunt for Amritpal Singh
A US House of Representatives hearing this week about the social media app TikTok did little to clarify lawmaker’s specific concerns about the potential national security risks associated with the wildly popular app, but it did vividly underscore the country’s lack of federal data privacy legislation. WIRED also discovered... Read more
Bored Apes owner Yuga Labs launches 2nd Trip Otherside metaverse experience
Connect with top gaming leaders in Los Angeles at GamesBeat Summit 2023 this May 22-23. Register here. Bored Ape Yacht Club parent company Yuga Labs launched its Second Trip for its Otherside universe today as a new “metaverse” experience. The company launched the experience with many thousands of simultaneous... Read more
Best Outdoor Projector for 2023: Tested by Our Experts
Going to the movies is a favorite pastime for many people, but with rising prices, it’s become more expensive than ever to buy a couple of tickets and a tub of popcorn. You can still get the magical feeling of going to the movies right from your own backyard,... Read more
It’s Never Been Easier to Make an Adventure Game
In the early years of personal computers, the adventure game genre reigned supreme, exemplified by classic titles such as King’s Quest and The Secret of Monkey Island. Toronto-based artist Julia Minamata grew up playing this style of game, which emphasizes storytelling and story-based puzzles. “With an adventure game, you... Read more
Skills mapping: Turning skills to workforce gold
Join top executives in San Francisco on July 11-12, to hear how leaders are integrating and optimizing AI investments for success. Learn More I used to stand in front of a room and teach classes in person. It was the foundation on which academia was built. We’re all encouraged... Read more
Take $100 Off the First 5 Months of Your ButcherBox Subscription
Meal delivery kits continue to grow in popularity thanks to how much convenience they can provide. As prices soar at the supermarket, finding a deal is a welcome reprieve. One of our favorite meat delivery services is ButcherBox, and right now you can save a total of $100 off the... Read more
The Best MacBook Accessories (2023): Keyboards, External Monitors, and Sleeves
The MacBook is a powerful machine. Whether you’re using a MacBook Air for web browsing and sending emails or a MacBook Pro for graphics-intensive projects like video editing and 3D design, Apple’s laptops can handle a wide range of activities. But to enhance your experience, I suggest throwing some... Read more
Join top executives in San Francisco on July 11-12, to hear how leaders are integrating and optimizing AI investments for success. Learn More Once again, AI news topped the tech headlines this week — in particular, the generative AI market is becoming increasingly competitive, with both new and well-established... Read more
Best Headsets for Working From Home in 2023
If you frequently find yourself working from home, a decent pair of headphones is a worthwhile investment. There are lots of distractions at home, and headphones can help you tune out the chaos around you and focus on what needs to get done. Noise-canceling is definitely an important feature,... Read more
Can You Really Pump Water Without Any Electricity?
In this case, water starts from a source that’s higher than the pump. (That’s important.) As this input water moves down from the source, it increases in speed and goes out the waste valve. However, this moving water causes check valve A to close, which stops the water from... Read more