How businesses can break through the ChatGPT hype with ‘workable AI’
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AI and You: Predictions for the Future, the Beatles’ New Song, Rethinking Jobs
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Security News This Week: Cyberstalkers Win First Amendment Victory in the US Supreme Court
Amid exploding AI usage, the United States Senate is mulling legislation to regulate the development of artificial intelligence, but lawmakers’ comments to WIRED this week indicate that Congress’ abysmal track record on tech regulation may be doomed to repeat itself. Meanwhile, in the European Union, challenges filed under the... Read more
Daedalic closes game development after Gollum flop
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The Best Summer Beach and Pool Accessories, According to the CNET Staff Who Use Them
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Acer Swift 14 Review (2023): A Well-Rounded, Powerful Laptop
Acer’s new Swift 14, which replaces the Swift 5, is the company’s MacBook Pro—which is to say, it’s a well-built, svelte, slickly designed, all-metal portable with enough power to help you get things done no matter where you are. It’s not perfect. Battery life could be better, and there... Read more
Xbox Games with Gold in July include horror and adventure titles
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Best Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra Cases for 2023
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Reddit Won’t Be the Same. Neither Will the Internet
Today is the day the internet feared. Maybe it wasn’t an active fear, not a doomsday everyone knew was coming, but still one that almost seemed inevitable: The magic of Reddit is gone. As of today, June 30, 2023, several mobile apps for browsing the platform are closing up... Read more