Samsung Brings New Z Flip 5, Z Fold 5 Features to Older Foldable Devices
Samsung‘s older Z Flip and Z Fold phones are about to be able to perform a few new tricks. On Tuesday, the company said features from its operating system update One UI 5.1.1, which debuted with its new Z Flip 5 and Fold 5, will begin trickling down to... Read more
Ninja Outdoor Oven Review: Smoky Goodness
If you’re a pellet smoker devotee who prides yourself on your devotion to your craft, then this workaround might make you barf in your mouth a little bit. But the Ninja oven had been in our house for all of three minutes before my husband ran to the store... Read more
Xbox Game Pass closes August with Texas Chainsaw Massacre
We’re thrilled to announce the return of GamesBeat Summit Next, hosted in San Francisco this October, where we will explore the theme of “Playing the Edge.” Apply to speak here and learn more about sponsorship opportunities here.  Xbox today announced which games are coming to Game Pass in the final August wave.... Read more
Boom Lifts: Everything You Need to Know
A boom lift, also known as a cherry picker or man lift, is a type of aerial work platform that provides temporary access to inaccessible areas, often at height. It operates with a hydraulic arm that extends outward and upward, with a platform or bucket at the end for... Read more
Comcast’s New Router Stays Connected During Power Outages
Comcast has a new router, and it’s designed to stay connected to the internet during storms when there are power outages. Comcast’s Storm-Ready Wi-Fi device, announced Tuesday, costs $7 a month for 36 months, and doubles as a Wi-Fi extender.  It’s connected to the Xfinity 10G network, and when... Read more
OpenAI promotes GPT-4 as a way to reduce burden on human content moderators
Head over to our on-demand library to view sessions from VB Transform 2023. Register Here One of the most unsung jobs of the internet era is that of the content moderator. Casey Newton, Adrien Chen and others have previously reported eloquently and harrowingly on the plight of these laborers,... Read more
Ongoing scam tricks kids playing Roblox and Fortnite
Thousands of websites belonging to US government agencies, leading universities, and professional organizations have been hijacked over the last half decade and used to push scammy offers and promotions, new research has found. Many of these scams are aimed at children and attempt to trick them into downloading apps,... Read more
Leveraging Google Trends and AI to Create Viral Content
By definition, viral trends are fleeting. But hopping on them at just the right time can yield massive, long-lasting success in marketing a product, brand, or service. With an estimated 328.77 million terabytes of data created each day, it can be difficult for brands to find unique ways to... Read more
Google’s AI-Powered Search Can Now Summarize Web Pages for You
Google’s AI-powered version of Search, called Search Generative Experience, is getting some updates in the Google App and soon in Chrome. SGE will be able to summarize web pages and also show you definitions of words you may be unfamiliar with, Google said in a blog post Tuesday.  Google’s... Read more
YouTube Music Adds a TikTok-Like Videofeed to Attract Gen Z
YouTube Music just announced Samples, a new in-app feature where users can scroll through short music video clips from their favorite artists and discover new songs. Welcome back to the short-form video wars. Yes, Silicon Valley remains hyperfixated on generative AI, but don’t forget one of its other, recent... Read more