These Clues Hint at the True Nature of OpenAI’s Shadowy Q* Project
There are other clues to what Q* could be. The name may be an allusion to Q-learning, a form of reinforcement learning that involves an algorithm learning to solve a problem through positive or negative feedback, which has been used to create game-playing bots and to tune ChatGPT to... Read more
PC Gaming Show honors Stalker 2 as most wanted PC game of 2024
Are you looking to showcase your brand in front of the brightest minds of the gaming industry? Consider getting a custom GamesBeat sponsorship. Learn more. PC Gamer today held a special PC Gaming Show called Most Wanted. This event reveals the “Most Wanted” PC games for the upcoming years,... Read more
Sam Altman officially back as OpenAI CEO: “We didn’t lose a single employee”
OpenAI / Benj Edwards On Wednesday, OpenAI announced that Sam Altman has officially returned to the ChatGPT-maker as CEO—accompanied by Mira Murati as CTO and Greg Brockman as president—resuming their roles from before the shocking firing of Altman that threw the company into turmoil two weeks ago. Altman says... Read more
Tata Technologies debuts with 140% listing gains
Tata Technologies made a stellar stock market debut on Thursday, with its shares closing over 140% higher than its IPO issue price of Rs 500 per share. The stock opened at Rs 1,200, over 2X its issue price, on the National Stock Exchange before surging to an intraday high... Read more
Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs. Apple Watch Ultra: Comparing Each Rugged Watch
Apple debuted the Apple Watch Ultra 2 ($799, £799, AU$1,399) at the company’s iPhone 15 event in Sept. 2023. The rugged new watch replaces last year’s Apple Watch Ultra.  While the new Ultra looks similar to the original, there are a number of improvements inside the watch that are worth noting.... Read more
Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event Live: Price, Range, Specs
The rear-wheel drive Cybertruck has an estimated range of 250 miles and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. The all-wheel drive Cybertruck has an estimated 340-mile range, can go from 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds, has a top speed of 112 mph, 600 horsepower,... Read more
ChatGPT is one year old. Here’s how it changed the world.
Enlarge / An artist’s interpretation of what ChatGPT might look like if embodied in the form of a robot toy blowing out a birthday candle. Aurich Lawson | Getty Images One year ago today, on November 30, 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT. It’s uncommon for a single product to create... Read more
Tragic accident spurs Amazon safety reevaluation
A devastating event unfolded in May at an Amazon distribution center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The incident led to the death of 20-year-old employee Caes Gruesbeck, who was tragically caught in the machinery while trying to clear a blockage on an overhead package conveyor. An 11-week investigation by Indiana... Read more
Game Anywhere With This $400 Asus ROG Ally Handheld Console (save $200)
Gamers have never had it so good with there now being more and better options than ever. You don’t have to limit yourself to playing in front of the big screen, either, with plenty of handheld options on the table. The Asus ROG Ally is one example and now... Read more
Cicadas Are So Loud, Fiber Optic Cables Can ‘Hear’ Them
One of the world’s most peculiar test beds stretches above Princeton, New Jersey. It’s a fiber optic cable strung between three utility poles that then runs underground before feeding into an “interrogator.” This device fires a laser through the cable and analyzes the light that bounces back. It can... Read more