Stable Diffusion Turbo XL can generate AI images as fast as you can type
Enlarge / Example images generated using Stable Diffusion XL Turbo. Stable Diffusion XL Turbo / Benj Edwards On Tuesday, Stability AI launched Stable Diffusion XL Turbo, an AI image-synthesis model that can rapidly generate imagery based on a written prompt. So rapidly, in fact, that the company is billing... Read more
New method extracts massive training data from AI models
A new research paper alleges that large language models may be inadvertently exposing significant portions of their training data through a technique the researchers call “extractable memorization.” The paper details how the researchers developed methods to extract up to gigabytes worth of verbatim text from the training sets of... Read more
There Are Only a Few Days Left to Get a $200 Amazon Gift Card
Whether you’re on the hunt for last-minute holiday gifts or just a frequent Amazon shopper, there’s still time to receive a $200 instant Amazon gift card if you’re approved for the Prime Visa card. But this offer is expiring on Dec. 4.* While most credit cards require you to... Read more
A Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment May Cause Cancer. The FDA Is Investigating
Scientists use harmless viruses to ferry and insert the new genetic material because of their natural ability to get inside cells. But the potential for these viruses to accidentally trigger another cancer has long been considered a theoretical risk. In its notice, the FDA said the use of these... Read more
Perplexity AI unveils online LLMs with up-to-date knowledge
Are you ready to bring more awareness to your brand? Consider becoming a sponsor for The AI Impact Tour. Learn more about the opportunities here. Perplexity AI, the year-old startup founded by former Google AI researchers Andy Konwinski, Aravind Srinivas, Denis Yarats, and Johnny Ho, has the potential to... Read more
Amazon unleashes Q, an AI assistant for the workplace
Enlarge / The Amazon Q logo. Amazon On Tuesday, Amazon unveiled Amazon Q, an AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT that is tailored for corporate environments. Developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Q is designed to assist employees with tasks like summarizing documents, managing internal support tickets, and providing policy... Read more
FTX investors sue major sports entities in crypto fraud case
Investors who allege to have lost $11 billion in the FTX cryptocurrency exchange collapse are now suing major sports entities. According to a recent Bloomberg report, Major League Baseball, Formula 1 racing, and Mercedes-Benz Group AG’s racing team have been dragged into the legal fray, accused of aiding and... Read more
My Sweet Razer Naga Pro Gaming Mouse Is Still $80 After Cyber Monday, Its All-Time Low
A few months ago my Corsair mouse started scrolling up when I wanted it to scroll down, which is suboptimal in a mouse, you’ll agree. I decided to treat myself to a fancy new one with loads of buttons because I’m worth it. I can’t remember exactly what I... Read more
Riot Games is closing down its last data centers in switch to AWS
Are you looking to showcase your brand in front of the brightest minds of the gaming industry? Consider getting a custom GamesBeat sponsorship. Learn more. Riot Games is preparing to shut down its last global data centers as it transitions to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The League of Legends... Read more
Glowing proteins help MIT scientists illuminate cellular mysteries
A team of MIT researchers has developed a groundbreaking new imaging technique that enables scientists to observe up to seven different molecules at once inside living cells. This new method, described in a study published today in Cell, will give researchers an unprecedented view into the complex molecular signaling... Read more