Disable This One Apple iPhone Setting to Prevent App Tracking Now
Over the past three years, Apple has rolled out a number of new features to ensure its users’ privacy. One of the biggest privacy features is Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, which gives users the ability to control which apps can track their activity and access their data. Apple’s App... Read more
The 22 Most Anticipated Movies of 2024
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Oversized Mattress Guide: Types, Price Range and Things to Consider Before Buying
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Google Fixes Nearly 100 Android Security Issues
December was a hectic month for updates as firms including Apple and Google rushed to get patches out to fix serious flaws in their products before the holiday break. Enterprise software giants also issued their fair share of patches, with Atlassian and SAP squashing several critical bugs during December.... Read more
Best Mattresses for Kids in 2023
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These Rogue Worlds Upend the Theory of How Planets Form
“We know from direct imaging searches of young stars that very few stars have giant planets in orbits,” Bate said. “It is difficult to accept that there were many large planetary systems in Orion to disrupt.” Rogue Objects Abound At this point, many researchers suspect there’s more than one... Read more
Here’s How Insulating Your Water Pipes Can Save You Money This Winter
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The 5 AI stories I’m waiting for in 2024 | The AI Beat
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X loses legal battle against California’s anti-hate speech law
Elon Musk’s X Corp., previously known as Twitter, has failed in its legal attempt to overturn a California law aimed at regulating harmful content on social media platforms. According to a recent Bloomberg report, a federal judge in Sacramento dismissed the company’s claim that the law infringes on the... Read more
This New Year’s Deal Gets You the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro for Only $119
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