A guide for E-commerce Businesses A guide for E-commerce Businesses
Branded drop shipping is a revolutionary concept in the online shopping world. By combining dropshipping with brand development, businesses can create a successful venture.... A guide for E-commerce Businesses

Branded drop shipping is a revolutionary concept in the online shopping world. By combining dropshipping with brand development, businesses can create a successful venture. Additionally, people are more likely to approach a brand-named online store than a normal one because people trust brands. A key reason for the popularity of this concept is that it allows businesses to operate more efficiently.

Dropshipping is a profitable business model. Due to this business model, both businesses that have and do not have inventory can sell products and earn profits. Consequently, the dropshipping market is growing exponentially, breaking records every day. 

The market is anticipated to exceed $243.42 billion in 2023, which is an encouraging figure for businesses considering this approach or already in the process.

Let’s dig into a proper guide to explaining this Business so you will better understand it.

What’s branded dropshipping?

Brands are consumers’ ideas, concepts, or perceptions of companies, stores, and products. Branding is crucial to ensuring your company is recognizable and distinct from your competitors. So, when talking about dropshipping, what does it mean?

As the name suggests, running a dropshipping business incorporated with a brand is called branded dropshipping. However, this approach is a bit different from traditional dropshipping, where you sell a product, and a third person delivers the product on your behalf. Instead, in this model, you sell products with your private label or trusted brands.  

However, if you incorporate a brand for the dropshipping process, you must get their permission to operate your store successfully. Nevertheless, many brands hesitate to shake hands with the drop shipper because they worry about losing control over their quality and processes. Simply put, going with your own private label is the best strategy you can adopt.

How do you create an effective brand strategy for your dropshipping business? 

Similar to the creative custom packaging ideas that assist businesses in grabbing the audience’s attention and improving their product’s first impression, here are some critical elements of creating an effective brand strategy.

  • Feedback and ratings from customers
  • Retarget your customers.
  • Invest in SEO content marketing.
  • Take advantage of email marketing.
  • Strategize your social media marketing.
  • Organize a giveaway

Feedback and ratings from customers

Building trust is one of the most frustrating things in the dropshipping Business. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for customers to decide whether to invest in a new dropshipping store. What if the product ends up being counterfeit or dysfunctional? What if the product’s quality does not match the customer’s expectations? 

The only things that provide comfort to customers in this situation are customer ratings and feedback, which increases the likelihood that they will buy your product. This will add an element of transparency and authenticity. Therefore, your store should have a section for customer feedback and ratings.

Retarget your customers.

Although there are no official figures according to the studies, only 2% of the visitors purchase the product on their first visit to the website, and the rest simply go to the new store to find a discount or a better product. In other words, rather than focusing on gaming traffic, you can do smart work by following up with all those who have visited your website.

For that purpose, you have to make engaging and eye-catching ads along with appealing taglines that strike the chord of the customer, and there will be a 50 – 70% chance that they will revisit your website and buy your product.

Invest in SEO content marketing.

For an effective brand strategy, blogging is also an excellent idea to consider. It is an economical yet powerful tactic to rank your dropshipping store on the top of any search engine result page. When creating your blog, you must include guides and other content that will interest your potential customers. Even though it requires time and work, the outcomes will astound you. This strategy will allow you to consistently drive traffic to your dropshipping store while also providing inspirational content. 

Take advantage of email marketing.

A great return on investment can also be achieved through email marketing in dropshipping. Because of its benefits like highlighting special promotions and offers, boosting sales by converting abandoned carts, retaining customers, and provoking new customers to purchase, it is a crucial part of an e-commerce marketing strategy.

Notably, sending out regular newsletters can be an excellent place to start. This way, you can set up forms and popups for lead generation. As a result, these email subscribers are now entering the initial stages of the purchasing process.

After that, you can use these newsletters to send your product blog content to attract customers; by doing so, customers will get engaged and curious about your products, boosting business sales. 

Strategize your social media marketing.

Using social media marketing for marketing your dropshipping store is also highly recommended. Similar to SEO content marketing, this strategy requires time to generate traffic. However, because of the intense competition, success in this strategy requires careful planning.

Consider starting small, focusing on two or three channels, and focusing on them thoroughly. Keep your goals in mind and choose a platform according to that. For example, short videos are popular these days, so you can upload them to social media platforms.

Also, it would be helpful if you gathered as much user-generated content as possible. In this way, you can build up more credibility and trust for your dropshipping brand.

Organize a giveaway

Everybody wants freebees and will seek involvement in giveaway campaigns. Since drop shippers do not have their stock, they do not consider their strategy. Even so, adequately executed giveaways can help you improve your store’s traffic and boost sales.

For organizing a giveaway, first, you have to choose which type of contest you want to run that will promote your brand and a suitable prize. After that, you can promote your contest on different media platforms to strike the audience.

In addition to boosting traffic to your store, increasing social engagement and followers, promoting a specific product, growing your email marketing list, and boosting brand awareness, you can even improve social engagement with the right contest.

Here are some steps you can follow to make your dropshipping branded.

  • Create a Proper Business Website for Dropshipping
  • Go with a Consistent Color Scheme & Logo to Build a Brand 
  • Use Custom Labels & Packaging
  • Add Custom Inserts to your Product for Durability

Create a Proper Business Website for Dropshipping

The first step toward constructing a successful dropshipping website is identifying a reliable e-commerce platform such as Shopify or WooCommerce. Ensure mobile responsiveness, optimize design, and use high-quality visuals to maximize user experience. Additionally, to Improve organic traffic and visibility, use SEO strategies.

Go with a Consistent Color Scheme & Logo to Build a Brand 

Choose a color scheme, typography, and logo that resonates with your products and audience to define your brand identity. To build trust with customers, brands should be consistent across channels. You may follow the six-year rule to build trust and reliability in your audience.

Use Custom Labels & Packaging

Integrate custom labels and packaging into your brand to elevate it. Customer loyalty is enhanced when packaging adds professionalism and reinforces brand recognition. You may ask your custom packaging manufacturer to add similar labels to your packaging that will provide information about your product and act as a tiny brand ambassador to your Business, attracting customers.

Add Custom Inserts to your Product for Durability

Make your products durable and customer-satisfaction by adding custom inserts. Besides protecting items, these packaging options provide additional information or customization, expressing the quality of your brand. Furthermore, functional products can help ensure customer satisfaction and serve as an opportunity to engage customers. 

Custom Packaging Companies Which You Can Try for your Dropshipping

Here are some of the top custom packaging companies you can try for dropshipping.

  • Arka
  • Box Agency 
  • Packhelp
  • Packlane


Arka Custom Packaging

Arka specializes in crafting eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. They focus on creating customizable packaging made from recycled and biodegradable materials, appealing to businesses seeking innovative and environmentally conscious packaging options.

Box Agency

Box Agency

Box Agency (boxagency dot com) specializes in custom box design, prototyping, and manufacturing for a wide variety of businesses. Their designs reflect their clients’ unique brands and requirements, ensuring they deliver high-quality and distinctive packaging.



Packhelp stands out by offering an online platform for businesses to design and order personalized packaging. Their user-friendly interface allows customers to create customized packaging using templates or their own designs, primarily designed to offer services to small to medium-sized businesses.



Like Packhelp, Packlane provides an online platform for businesses to design custom packaging. They specialize in delivering simple yet personalized packaging solutions focusing on design flexibility, targeting businesses seeking simple yet customized packaging options.


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