Death Stranding 2: On the Breach isn’t coming until 2025
Are you looking to showcase your brand in front of the gaming industry’s top leaders? Learn more about GamesBeat Summit sponsorship opportunities here.  Package delivery enthusiasts will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on Death Stranding 2. Sony debuted a new in-depth trailer at the... Read more
Chinese malware removed from SOHO routers after FBI issues covert commands
Enlarge / A Wi-Fi router. The US Justice Department said Wednesday that the FBI surreptitiously sent commands to hundreds of infected small office and home office routers to remove malware China state-sponsored hackers were using to wage attacks on critical infrastructure. The routers—mainly Cisco and Netgear devices that had... Read more
The e-waste “gold mining” efforts are booming
The components of your antiquated desktop computer, laptop, TV, and other electronics include valuable metals like copper and gold. Tiny businesses are profiting from the e-waste industry’s unrealized potential by recycling outdated electronic circuit boards and can earn up to $85,000 daily. The projects will probably keep growing because... Read more
The US Wants to Know How Much Electricity Crypto Miners Use
Don’t care about cryptocurrency? Think if you don’t buy Bitcoin, the whole thing doesn’t affect you? Think again. Globally, crypto mining uses as much electricity as the Netherlands. All that energy use has serious climate implications. And studies have shown it could be raising the price you pay for... Read more
Stellar Blade gets April 26 release date at State of Play trailer
Do you want to get the latest gaming industry news straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily and weekly newsletters here. Stellar Blade, Shift Up’s upcoming action title, got an extended gameplay and story trailer at today’s State of Play event. It also got an updated release... Read more
BetMGM backs “big splash” into UK market
BetMGM confirmed its arrival on the British gambling landscape back in August 2023 and as they prepare to mark the first half-year period, the company believes the results vindicate the “big splash” in the UK. As reported by i Gaming Business, high-profile sports sponsorships, glitzy ‘Vegas style’ advertising and... Read more
All 22 Types of 1099 Tax Forms, and How to Know Which Ones You’ll Get
Tax season began this week, and there’s a good chance you’ve already received one or more 1099 tax forms. But what are they for, and why do you need to pay attention to them? Let’s break it down. This story is part of Taxes 2024, CNET’s coverage of the... Read more
Which Samsung Galaxy S24 Model Should You Buy? Specs Comparison and Features
Looking to upgrade to Samsung’s newest Android smartphone? You can choose from the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, or Galaxy S24 Ultra. These handsets share many of the same specs but also have a few specific features that make each one stand out. So which Galaxy S24 model should you... Read more
Baobab partners with 9 Story Media to bring Roblox franchise Momoguro to TV
Do you want to get the latest gaming industry news straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily and weekly newsletters here. Baobab Studios and 9 Story Media have partnered to bring Baobab’s Momoguro franchise, which is a popular gaming series Roblox, to television. Burlingame, California-based Baobab created... Read more
Figure AI in talks with Microsoft and OpenAI for funding
Figure AI, a company that specializes in the development of humanoid robots, is planning to secure $500 million in a funding round led by Microsoft Corp. and OpenAI, according to Bloomberg. Although the tech giant reportedly will not provide the full amount, it is said to be investing approximately... Read more