Best Cordless Vacuum of 2024 Best Cordless Vacuum of 2024
Tineco Pure One S15 Pet: Another top performer from Tineco, the Pure One S15 Pet is nearly identical to our top pick, the S11,... Best Cordless Vacuum of 2024

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet: Another top performer from Tineco, the Pure One S15 Pet is nearly identical to our top pick, the S11, but it costs an extra $100 at a retail price of $500. For the money, you’re essentially getting the same basic cleaner as the S11, but with an anti-tangle brush head that’s better designed for tackling excess amounts of pet hair, as well as a free-standing dock design that doesn’t need to be drilled into your wall. It was a top five finisher in both our sand and rice tests, but the S11 actually edged it out on both fronts with even better cleaning power at an even better value.

Samsung Jet 90: Our toughest cordless vacuum cleaning challenge is the midpile sand test, where we see how much sand each vacuum can suck out of thick, plushy carpet. Only three of the 15 cordless vacuums we’ve tested in recent years have been able to average pickup percentages better than 80% in that test: the Dyson V15 Detect, the Tineco Pure One S15 Pet, and the Samsung Jet 90, which led the way overall with an outstanding midpile sand pickup percentage of 98%. It’s a splurge for sure at a retail price of $581, but it’s still worthy of consideration if you have lots of thick carpets in your home.

Samsung Jet 75: Nearly identical to the Jet 90, the Samsung Jet 75 offers comparable cleaning power and a similarly attractive build, as well as the same 60-minute battery life, the same HEPA filtration, and the same 200 air watts of suction. Build-wise, the main difference is that the Jet 90 uses a free-standing dock while the Jet 75’s dock needs to be drilled into your wall. It wasn’t nearly as strong a performer as the Jet 90 in that midpile sand test, but the Jet 75 still performed well overall, and at $400, it retails for a little less.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive: With a motor that automatically adapts to the type of floor it’s cleaning and a fancy LCD display, the Dyson V11 Torque Drive certainly feels the part of an upgrade pick. At a retail price of $700, with sale prices often bringing that number down closer to $475, it’s priced like one, too. The good news is that the vacuum lived up to the hype with highly consistent cleaning power across all of our tests, but it was outperformed by newer models like the Dyson V15 Detect, as well as competitors that cost less from Tineco and Samsung.

Black & Decker PowerSeries Extreme Max: The Black & Decker PowerSeries Extreme Max had great results across most of the cleaning tests. Even in the ones it didn’t excel at, it still had commendable performance. Although none of its features or tools are particularly unique, its retail price of $198 makes it shine as a worthy purchase consideration compared to more expensive options.

Miele Triflex HX2: Unfortunately, testing style is not on our list, or else the Miele Triflex HX2 might have run away with the show. Also unfortunate is how poorly the three-in-one stick vac collected sand in low- and midpile carpets. With those two exceptions, it showed generally stellar performance, but costing upwards of $700-plus, we would have hoped for better results across all our tests.

Greenworks 24V Cordless Vacuum: This vacuum is a true hang-with-them type of cleaner, able to match the performance of some $500 or more hand-held stick vacs, while itself coming in around $320. In addition to all the tools it includes, it touts a fast 30-minute recharge time if its 45-minute runtime isn’t long enough. 

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