Azio’s Retro Classic Keyboard Looks as Nice as It Is to Type On
The RC Prestige mechanical keyboard from Azio has a bit of a steampunk vibe. Its backlit half-height keycaps — rounded squares with brushed silver edges — float above the faceplate and look like old-fashioned typewriter keys. The ebony version I tested has a black-stained wood faceplate; an ivory version... Read more
The UK’s GPS Tagging of Migrants Has Been Ruled Illegal
The way the UK government has been tagging migrants with GPS trackers is illegal, the country’s privacy regulator ruled on Friday, in a rebuke to officials who have been experimenting with migrant-surveillance tech in both the UK and the US. As part of an 18-month pilot that concluded in... Read more
SleepScore Labs unveils evidence-based Sleep API suite for health and wellness apps
Are you looking to showcase your brand in front of the gaming industry’s top leaders? Learn more about GamesBeat Summit sponsorship opportunities here.  SleepScore Labs has unveiled its evidence-based Sleep API Suite, creating a chance for health and wellness apps to benefit from sleep data. SleepScore Labs has added... Read more
HP wants you to pay up to $36/month to rent a printer that it monitors
Enlarge / The HP Envy 6020e is one of the printers available for rent. HP launched a subscription service today that rents people a printer, allots them a specific amount of printed pages, and sends them ink for a monthly fee. HP is framing its service as a way... Read more
Honkai Star Rail banner schedule confirmed, including banner 2.1
RPG Honkai Star Rail is known for its distinctive banners, so here’s a look at what’s coming up in the schedule. The banner system in incredibly profitable Honkai Star Rail involves trading in Star Rail passes for the chance of getting banners featuring the best and brightest of the... Read more
‘Wonka’ Streaming on Max: Release Date and Time
The next time you open the Max streaming service, music and chocolate may be on the menu. Wonka, the recently released film that chronicles the early days of Roald Dahl’s iconic chocolatier, will join the spread of options on Max next week. Timothée Chalamet specializes in sweets as the... Read more
The Mysterious Case of the Missing Trump Trial Ransomware Leak
The LockBit hackers also posted some convincing sample documents that appeared to have been stolen from the Fulton County court systems prior to the takedown last week, according to Georgia-based reporter George Chidi, who wrote about the incident earlier this month. Chidi reported seeing documents that included court files... Read more
City State Entertainment rebrands as Unchained Entertainment and readies massive battle game
Are you looking to showcase your brand in front of the gaming industry’s top leaders? Learn more about GamesBeat Summit sponsorship opportunities here.  City State Entertainment, a fantasy game company started by Mythic Entertainment founder Mark Jacobs, has rebranded as Unchained Entertainment. It has also raised a round of... Read more
How to get The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything in Infinite Craft
If you thought we were going into a deep philosophical debate when we showed you how to craft Rambo and Britney you haven’t seen anything yet. This lesson in Infinite Crafting is about getting the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. By the time we get to the... Read more
Buying Concert Tickets Online Is a Mess: Tips for Grabbing the Seats You Want
Live concerts are meant to be joyous, celebratory events. But buying tickets for those concerts has become an experience to dread, up there with a root canal. Your favorite artist is on tour, but can you get the right presale code to nab tickets before the good seats are... Read more