Palworld Patch – what’s fixed in latest huge update? Nothing for Xbox yet Palworld Patch – what’s fixed in latest huge update? Nothing for Xbox yet
The devs at Pocketpair are continuing not to rest on their laurels of huge sales and player counts and are continuing to fix up... Palworld Patch – what’s fixed in latest huge update? Nothing for Xbox yet

The devs at Pocketpair are continuing not to rest on their laurels of huge sales and player counts and are continuing to fix up the Early Access version of the game, much to the chagrin of those who thought it was just going to turn out to be one massive meme.

With the latest patch, the Steam version has been patched up to, whereas, more annoying for Xbox Game Pass players, their version, which lags behind the paid-for Steam version only gets an “Xbox version will be released as soon as it is ready.”, in a post on the official Palworld account on X.

What’s changed in the latest Palworld patch?

So, concentrating on what’s been fixed for the Steam version Pocketpair has fixed some crash events that were causing instability for players and stopped an issue where enemy pals might get stuck in the scenery after charging.

Another major fix stops the save data from getting corrupted when a guild’s total pal count for to around 7,000. It’s important to note, however, that if you already have a corrupted save, then this patch will not save it.

There is an absolute ton of changes so we will leave the full patch notes below. After the last patch which basically said pretty much, “fixed some stuff” it’s nice to have a list of what’s been worked on this time around.

Palworld Patch notes

Major Fixes

・Fixed an issue where the game would crash under certain conditions 

・Fixed an issue where if another player’s pal/base pal had HP 30% or less, it could be captured by using a sphere. 

・Fixed an issue where enemy pals would get stuck in walls due to charge attacks.

・Implemented the first fix for an issue where the game would always crash and save data would be corrupted when the guild’s total number of pals captured reached around 7000.

*The game no longer crashes even if the total number of captured objects exceeds 7000.

However, save data that has already been in this state (in the case of a server, the server’s world data) prior to this update will still be unable to load. 

We are continuing to work on fixing this issue permanently. 

Key Configuration 

・Added support for mouse side keys and numeric keypad in keyboard key configuration.

*Further improvements are currently planned, such as support for interact key configuration.

Player Issues

・Fixed an issue where players on dedicated servers and co-op (online) were receiving damage twice. 

・Specifications have been changed so that you can move at extremely low speed even when you have exceeded the weight limit. 

・Players will no longer pass through walls when dismounting. 

・Fixed an issue where capture power strengthened by Lifmunk Effigies was reset when using memory reset drugs. 

・Fixed an issue where armor could be equipped in the wrong slot. 

・Adjusted camera positions of several Pals to make it easier to see when mounted.

Base Issues

・Specifications have been changed so that Pals who are manually assigned to a breeding farm will not become hungry and their manual assignments will not be removed. 

・The key to lift Pals has been changed from F → V (Pad: X → Y) in order to prevent accidents.

・Reduced the speed and range of fire spreading on wooden buildings.

・Fixed an issue where manual work assignments could not be set at all under certain circumstances. 

・Fixed an issue where extremely high-level Relaxaurus would attack the base during raids.

・Added several measures to prevent base Pals from getting stuck.

・Fixed an issue where Pals would get stuck while transporting items and would drop them on the spot.

・Fixed an issue where Pals at the base would continue to cut down trees that were already cut. 

・Fixed an issue where Pals at the base were on the verge of death due to unexplained falling damage. 

・Fixed an issue where Pals at the base would float under some conditions. 

・Fixed an issue where if a farm was built on the second floor or above, work pals would be unable to move on the floors below.


・Corrected incorrect text

・Measures have been added to prevent cheating and stealing other players’ Pals. 

・Many other minor fixes such as the addition of a UI key guide

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