Vision Pro Launch Day at NYC Apple Store (Tim Cook meets fans!) – Video Vision Pro Launch Day at NYC Apple Store (Tim Cook meets fans!) – Video
Feb 3, 2024 VR/AR Productivity Speaker 1: Look at what they put on the Apple Store. A Giant Vision Pro. Speaker 2: I love... Vision Pro Launch Day at NYC Apple Store (Tim Cook meets fans!) – Video

Vision Pro Launch Day at NYC Apple Store (Tim Cook meets fans!)

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Speaker 1: Look at what they put on the Apple Store. A Giant Vision Pro.

Speaker 2: I love New

Speaker 1: It’s Vision Pro Launch Day here at New York City’s flagship Apple Store. There’s a crowd gathered to pick up their pre-orders. The first person in line had a pre-order, but they still got here at 9:30 PM the night before. Folks here also don’t have something to pick up. They just want to be part of this whole event and get a demo. If they can, let’s go. [00:00:30] This new product launch is a big deal, so of course they are getting fans energized. Please. Apple, CEO. Tim Cook greeted the first Apple Vision Pro customers at the Fifth Avenue Cube, there was lots of cheering and lots of selfies. There was even a customer who brought a shirt for laughs. It was a good morning for fans on all coasts when stores opened at 8:00 AM to release the long awaited headset.

Speaker 3: I’ve [00:01:00] been an Apple fan girl since, well, 20 years more for a long time. I’ve gotten the first iPhone on the first day of introduction every year since they were first introduced

Speaker 1: Over in California. Customers that visited the Palo Alto store near Apple’s headquarters can meet some of the team that worked on the headset.

Speaker 4: And I got it all autographed by all the amazing team that worked on it. This is a beautiful device.

Speaker 1: I’m loving the energy here Today, Tim Cook [00:01:30] is talking to customers, taking selfies, really spending a lot of time with the first people to own the Vision Pro. There’s also Greg Jaws Wak and everyone here is just taking their time to really absorb this moment. Many Apple stores have been transformed to include these cozy seated nooks to demo the headset. Demos are on a first come first serve basis. There is a bit of a wait to get a demo and I think they expected that. That’s why they have all these little [00:02:00] stations here to let you have something to tinker with while you wait. So this kind of takes you through a basic lesson in what it could do, and you can book a demo right from this iPad. There’s literally someone here to demo at any hour of the day 2:00 AM first appointment for this first big rush.

Speaker 1: It’s a first come first serve basis, but really you can go down to an Apple store and talk to someone if there’s availability to get your own demo when it’s your turn for a demo. The headset is hand-delivered [00:02:30] on a platter for your personal walkthrough to get the right fit, customers can get their head size scanned by an iPhone and there are these drawers around holding various sized light seals and cushions. There’s also a procedure to clean all of the head headpieces between uses. If you wear eyeglasses, you’re going to need special lenses inserted to be able to see inside the Vision Pro and to get the right lens match for your eyes. Your eyeglasses are put into this and it reads [00:03:00] your prescription. The staff brings out compatible lens inserts, but this is just for the demo experience. You cannot order prescription lenses inside the store. That is all done online. Alright, here’s a gentleman who has two Vision Pros plus travel cases.

Speaker 5: Second one is a surprise, so I don’t want that leaking up before I get back

Speaker 1: Home. Alright, tell me about your demo experience.

Speaker 5: I think all the immersive stuff, the immersive videos, the spatial memories that they have was even more impactful than [00:03:30] you can imagine before seeing it.

Speaker 1: Some demonstrations are also done while sitting at tables with customers, and the teams certainly needed to do a lot of demos because it was a pretty packed house today,

Speaker 6: I thought it would be unlikely there would be any in store mine’s coming on February 27th, and so I was like, well, if I looked on the website and it said nothing’s available, but I was like, lemme just walk over to the store and see what happens. And then if you don’t have an order, you can just line up here and buy one. So I just canceled my pre order and just bought it.

Speaker 1: [00:04:00] This was a pretty exciting day. My big takeaway is that they really let customers take their time with their vision Pro experience. There was no rushing anyone out, even though lots of people want to be able to see this thing, they were able to accommodate a lot of people and that was pretty cool that everyone got to take their time with it. Do you plan on going to an Apple store to try it out? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching.

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