How to Use AI for Sales Automation How to Use AI for Sales Automation
Artificial Intelligence is a growing concept in today’s business processes. AI has become essential for businesses around the world. Over the past few years,... How to Use AI for Sales Automation

Artificial Intelligence is a growing concept in today’s business processes. AI has become essential for businesses around the world. Over the past few years, technology has grown significantly and now affects people’s daily lives in one way or another.

The major place where artificial intelligence is used in business is sales and marketing.

Why Do You Need Sales Automation?

Sales automation has changed the work of sales representatives significantly, allowing them to grow and do very well. Due to technological advances, the sales teams can:

  • perform many functions and work steps automatically;
  • get rid of the tasks and use the free time and resources to develop many relationships;
  • close deals.

Sales automation using AI will spur sales growth, boost efficiency, and lead to better performance.

How to Apply AI to the Best of Sales and Marketing

Let’s look at the use cases for AI that can help maximize your business’s potential.

Identify Potential Deals Using Predictive Vote Scoring

Imagine having a personal assistant who can instantly identify your most promising leads. Artificial intelligence doesn’t just crunch numbers and compile statistics. It reads the behavior and predicts the client’s intentions (whether he or she buys or not).

This is mainly included in the sales manager’s responsibilities. However, now you can trust this work to AI services.

AI can help you determine which potential customers are ready to act and which may need additional advice. While your competitors are processing all the leads, you can focus on those who are truly interested in your product.

Improve Communication Quality Using Customer Data Mining

Artificial intelligence will help you understand customers’ preferences, behaviors, and needs.

The logic is simple: AI collects information about the contact from your CRM and creates an approximate portrait based on the data received. The more information you fill in about the client, the more accurate their profiles will be, down to nuances such as hobbies or marital status.

Such analytics can make your communication with the buyer more focused and help you more accurately identify pain points. This strategy is especially useful when making calls or creating a segment for email campaigns.

Personalize Mailings

Regarding e-mail and the AI-powered systematic send-outs of letters and messages, it is not limited just to sending messages. The idea is that customers become your constant clients and maintain communication with you. Among the top AI tools for sales managers are:

  • Mixmax is a sales engagement platform that enables you to tailor the sales emails
  • using AI or optimizing the existing ones.
  • Lavender is an artificial intelligence email assistant that is located on top of several platforms, such as Gmail, Outlook, and LinkedIn. It gives instant feedback in the process of writing emails, consequently making written emails clearer and faster.

AI turns every customer interaction into a quality interaction point. A personalized salutation and timely follow-up can add a human touch to every message that will build trust and engagement.

Improve Process Organization

Artificial intelligence can undertake repetitive and mechanical work. This can actually make sales and marketing managers work less, giving them more time to understand customers and eventually become effective.

For instance, each customer feedback and analysis can take a long time for the sales team. Nevertheless, using AI, a part of the task of the sales team will be left to the automated system.

Customer data collection and developing useful insights is a long process that takes time. Nevertheless, AI assists to automate this task and to make it even more efficient.

AI-based systems can track, gather, and analyze data in great detail and provide better information. With a system like this, marketers can leverage it to work smarter and produce unique campaigns that are well-received by the target audience.

AI gives sales and marketing teams an opportunity to focus on their targets more. It encompasses the creation of creative campaigns and establishing strong relationships with the clients.

Expanding 24/7 Customer Support With Chatbots

An artificial intelligence chatbot will solve problems at lightning speed. Chatbots are one of the most common use cases for artificial intelligence in online business. In addition to the work of the marketing department, chatbots with built-in AI greatly facilitate the work of sales departments and customer support (technical support).

Chatbots remove the time gap between the customer and the information they seek, providing smooth and immediate support. This is a major benefit for companies whose sales strategy is focused on long-term customer relationships.

Time-saving for Sales Departments

Among the greatest advantages of chatbots is the fact that they cut the sales team’s time with great efficiency. Sales personnel do not have to handle routine queries and repetitive tasks manually anymore. They can entrust this to chatbots.

Let’s imagine that a user on the site has issues concerning the products or services. In this scenario, the chatbot can open a dialogue and give real-time responses, thus, making the sales team use this saved time for other things to do.

Efficiency in Email Marketing

AI mailing platforms offer a unique capability to streamline your email marketing process, automating everything from capturing leads to executing follow-up sequences seamlessly.

Imagine not having to manually send out every email or remember to follow up with prospects. Automated email platforms do it all, ensuring your messages reach the right people at the right time.

Call Transcription and Analytics

Every interaction with a customer or a lead is a chance to acquire vital information about their business and the pain points they face.

But listening to long minutes or hours of telephone conversations with the client more than one time is expensive. Thanks to AI, you can get a “squeezed” version or a detailed transcription of the conversation and also receive valuable analytical observations.

If you cannot remember the details of a conversation with an old client last week, artificial intelligence will make a quick summary of the essence. That will enhance the quality of customer interaction and make the sales managers’ tasks simpler.


AI-empowered sales automation services are an excellent method for performance. In spite of this, the success of AI can be attributed to the readiness of the companies to invest in the technology as well as the training of their staff. Subsequently, the company will acquire the best outcome thanks to the use of AI in sales.

Companies are relying on AI as a very vital mechanism. This could be the next face of the many companies to come, regardless of the size.

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