GTA 6 – Release date, trailers, setting, and everything we know so far GTA 6 – Release date, trailers, setting, and everything we know so far
Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 might actually be the most anticipated game ever created. The follow up to the incredibly successful GTA 5 has... GTA 6 – Release date, trailers, setting, and everything we know so far

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 might actually be the most anticipated game ever created. The follow up to the incredibly successful GTA 5 has been something most, if not all gamers have been chomping at the bit for, seeking any shred of information.

Here, we’ll reveal all the details we have on the latest iteration of Rockstar’s biggest IP, hopefully providing insight into the release date, setting, characters, map, and much more.

What is the GTA 6 release date?

For the longest time, fans of the franchise were left completely in the dark when it came to any form of release date for what could be Rockstar’s magnum opus. However, thanks to the first official trailer, which dropped on December 3, 2023, we have a release window – 2025.

While this is still pretty vague, at least there is a year nailed down for when to expect Los Santos’ successor.

If we were to really take a look at the data, we can estimate a tighter release window. Based on previous Rockstar releases in recent times, there seems to be a trend of September-November launches thus meaning GTA 6 could fall into this same category.

Granted, anything other than the unclear ‘2025’ is speculation, and maybe trailer 2 will give us a little more insight.

All GTA 6 trailers

At this current time, there has been one trailer released for GTA 6, showcasing a bunch of details including the setting, main characters, and of course, an iconic backing track to go along with it.

Here is the aptly named ‘Trailer 1’ in all its glory:

When new trailers get released, we’ll be sure to give you direct links right here.

Where is GTA 6 set?

GTA 6's new look Vice CityGTA 6's new look Vice City

Contrary to GTA 5, GTA 6 is set in the fictional state of Leonida, where Vice City is also situated. This game world draws huge comparisons to that of Florida, backed up not only by the reimagining of Miami clone Vice City, but also swamplands, real-life events, and various key areas in the state.

This is a pretty big departure from that of Los Santos but one that is being welcomed with open arms by fans both new and old. Vice City has always been a huge fan-favorite area, and with Rockstar stating that what they have created is “the most immersive” world the Grand Theft Auto franchise has seen, it’s one you will almost certainly lose countless hours in.

Who are the GTA 6 main characters?

Lucia in a inmates outfit in GTA 6Lucia in a inmates outfit in GTA 6

Based on GTA 6’s first trailer, there are two main characters that look to be playable – Lucia and a currently unnamed male. Both of these appear to be criminals, wanting to secure a quick buck in whatever way possible.

GTA 5 had a three-pronged affair, allowing you to switch between Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, creating a multi-layered story beloved my millions of gamers. With seemingly one less main protagonist thrown into the mix, this will almost certainly streamline any character switching, and may even offer the chance for simple co-op action if the feature is introduced.

Naturally, there will be an army of side characters that you will meet along the way to becoming the most wanted criminal in Leonida, but these will come and go, even if they do join you on various missions.

How big is the GTA 6 map?

A vista from GTA 6's LeonidaA vista from GTA 6's Leonida

As we’ve previously stated, you’ll be dropped into the Florida clone Leonida which encompasses various areas, including Vice City.

The real life Florida is a pretty large state coming in at approximately 140km2. So, if this is translated into game form, it would almost be double that of GTA 5’s map which is around 75km2 in size.

With this being said though, according to Bloomberg, the initial plan for GTA 6 was to have a map that spanned both North and South America. This would mean that an almost unheard of playable space could have been made available and one that would surely have been full of all types of shenanigans.

However, sadly, these plans were cut back, with a focus more on the aforementioned Leonida region.

How much is GTA 6?

Here we come to one of the hottest topics surrounding the game. There has been much speculation on the GTA 6 price, with leaks suggesting it will cost around $150. However, there has been no concrete evidence stating this figure is correct.

What is more likely is that it falls in line with the current game prices at around $70. But, considering that GTA is reportedly costing $1-2 billion to make, it could also be one of the first mainstream titles to launch with a $80-$90 price tag for the base game.

What platforms is GTA 6 on?

According to GTA 6 trailer 1, followed up by an official press release from parent company Take Two, the game will officially be launching on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

‘Where is PC?’ I hear you ask. Well, unfortunately, it appears GTA 6 will follow the trend of Rockstar releases where it will launch after the initial console release window. We hope this will be less than a year but it would not be surprising if the developer chose to do this, ensuring the port is as bug-free as possible.

Being a 2025 launch, as you would expect, Xbox One and PS4 consoles will be getting left in the dark on this one. But, considering the base versions of these systems will be a whopping 12 years old at that point, it’s likely a game of this ilk wouldn’t be able to run regardless.

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