5 best AI content detectors 5 best AI content detectors
Besides all the benefits artificial intelligence offers the world – assisting with complicated tasks, streamlining work processes and helping with creative jobs – it... 5 best AI content detectors

Besides all the benefits artificial intelligence offers the world – assisting with complicated tasks, streamlining work processes and helping with creative jobs – it also creates issues when people submit poorly written content using AI, and that’s where AI content detectors come in.

AI detectors aim to help the public differentiate between content created by humans and a computer.

As AI tools continue to get more advanced and more sophisticated, AI detectors need to do the same by ensuring they can accurately spot AI-generated content.

What is an AI content detector?

An AI content detector analyzes content to identify patterns in text, images or videos to decipher whether it is human or from generative AI. 

In the case of text, AI content detectors predominantly look for the repetition of certain words and phrases, a lack of depth, minimal creativity and inaccurate information.

For images and videos, they scan objects within the content to help determine their original source.

Similar to AI tools themselves, AI detectors are built on very powerful technological platforms and are designed to be just as sophisticated as the tools they’re analyzing.

The 5 best AI content detectors

There are loads of AI detectors on the market but not all are built the same and, more importantly, none are completely 100% accurate.

Furthermore, they all come with different perks, functionalities, pros, cons and price points. Some AI detectors are built for specific uses, others claim to do it all. But what are the best ones on the market right now?

We’ve listed our favorite five below…

While some AI detectors seek to deliver an AI vs Human result when analyzing content, seeks to dig deeper into the details of the text it’s given and looks at syntax, style and structure.

It’s very easy to use. Simply paste the text you want the tool to analyze and click ‘Check for AI.’ It will then work its magic from there. It recognizes text from ChatGPT-3, GPT-4, Claude and Gemini, as well as other mainstream AI generators. is careful not to guarantee any level of accuracy but it does claim to be the most advanced and accurate AI detection tool on the market, although third-party tests estimate around 85-95% detection rates. Moreover, it claims to be ideal for writers, bloggers and content creators.

How much does cost? offers a freemium version that is limited to small-scale exploration. Personal plans with more flexible access to key features start at $5-a-month for 10,000 words, but with that you have to pay a year upfront.

For a monthly subscription, pricing starts at $14.99-a-month for 15,000 words.

Winston AI

Winston AIWinston AI

Winston AI is aimed at businesses that want help detecting AI-generated content in marketing, advertising and other corporate information.

The cloud-based tool uses machine learning to help detect AI-generated content.

It is a user-friendly tool that comes with a range of key features, including file upload capabilities, OCR technology, printable PDF reports, plagiarism checks, project and document management and team management.

Users simply either paste their text or upload their file into Winston AI and the tool will then analyze the text before delivering a report to indicate whether it is AI-generated or created by a human. A neat feature is Winston color codes the full submitted text in the results into green, yellow and red depending how likely it is the content is AI-generated. Text highlighted in red means the application thinks there is a high chance it is AI-generated.

Winston AI claims to be up to 99.6% accurate, which is mightily impressive and precise. However, some third-party tests rate it closer to 85%.

How much does Winston AI cost?

Winston AI offers a variety of pricing plans that suit the needs of most users. They offer a free plan that comes with the most basic of features and an allowance of only 2,000 words, while the annual plan costs $12-per-month for 80,000 words. Monthly, you can expect to part ways with $18 for 200,000 words.

There is also an Elite plan for $49-a-month, which comes with 500,000 words of scanning allowance.



Copyleaks is more sophisticated than other text-based AI detectors because it understands 30 different languages, so it’s the perfect tool for businesses with international interests. It also has the ability to analyze source code, which opens itself up to be incredibly useful for software developers.

The tool offers sentence-level analysis, which means the results you get from it will give you very precise details on which parts of your text were created by a human and which parts are AI-generated. On Copyleaks’ website, it claims users have “full transparency around the presence of AI-generated content even if the text has been interspersed with human-written content.”

Copyleaks claims to have 99.1% accuracy, but the very slight downside to using the tool is that it can be quite laggy. It does, though, detect the most popular AI models on the market, including ChatGPT and Gemini.

How much does Copyleaks cost?

Copyleaks doesn’t offer a free plan and its pricing tiers are based on credits, where 1 credit is worth 250 words. You can test it for free, though.

The cheapest monthly plan available is $10.99 for just 100 credits, but that only gets you access to Copyleaks’ AI Content Director but not their ‘award-winning’ plagiarism detector. To get access to the two, it’s $16.99 for 100 credits. Monthly plans max out at 10,000 credits, but the price skyrockets to over $900.

The cheapest annual plan for both the AI and plagiarism detectors is $13.99-a-month for 1,200 credits. For 120,000 credits, an annual plan costs just over $750-a-month.



If you’re looking for a very simple and easy-to-use AI detector, ZeroGPT offers just that. It supports various languages and has a very simple user interface that’s easy to follow and use.

Simply paste your text into ZeroGPT and it will analyze it for AI-generated content before giving you a percentage breakdown of how much of the text is written by a human and how much is AI or GPT generated.

It will highlight the areas of the text it believes are AI-generated in yellow, making it very easy for users to scan the text quickly.

ZeroGPT has API integration, which means the AI detector can be plugged into other apps or programs to detect AI-generated content in real-time, and also allows users to upload files, such as PDFs, to scan.

How much does ZeroGPT cost?

It’s free up to 15,000 characters per AI detection. If you need more than that, ZeroGPT’s Pro plan costs $7.99-a-month for 100,000 characters per AI detection and their Max plan gives you the same characters but more for the AI summarizer, AI paraphraser and AI grammar & spell check, which costs $18.99-a-month.



Crossplag was originally a popular plagiarism detection tool, and it still is, but it has also recently added its own AI content detector, which uses machine learning to identify whether text is AI-generated or written by a human.

Using patterns learned from human-written text, the tool is capable of recognizing when text deviates away from these patterns and will display a percentage of the chance of the text being AI-generated.

It is a remarkably quick and easy tool to use and is trained with over 1.5B parameters to give it the best possible chance of maximum accuracy.

How much does Crossplag cost?

Crossplag is free to use up to 10 credits, which is the equivalent to 1,000 words.. Beyond that, there is a Pay as you Go plan, which is 50 credits for €9.95, or there’s the ‘Bundle’ which is 1,000 credits for €149.95.

Anything beyond that and you need to contact Crossplag directly.

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