Gunzilla Games raises $30M to support Off the Grid development Gunzilla Games raises $30M to support Off the Grid development
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Gunzilla Games announced today that it has raised $30 million in combined funding to help support the development of its upcoming cyberpunk battle royale third-person shooter Off the Grid. It’s also funding the development of Gunz, the studio’s blockchain-based digital economy platform which offers full ownership of assets and an NFT marketplace. CoinFund and Avalanche’s Blizzard Fund co-led the strategic token round, which provided $10 million in funding.

Off the Grid is planned for release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and Gunzilla plans for it to have 60 hours worth of story across several seasons. It also offers asset ownership and a player-driven in-game economy. In addition to CoinFund and Blizzard fund, Republic Capital and Morningstar Ventures participated in the token round. Other parts of the funding came from “previously unreported equity and validator sales,” according to Gunzilla.

Evan Feng, CoinFund’s partner and director of research, said of Coinfund’s investment, “We are beyond excited, not only as supporters but as players ourselves, for the public to experience the dynamic gameplay, thoughtful progression systems, compelling narrative and rich world of Gunzilla’s Off The Grid. We believe the gap between traditional and on-chain games is rapidly closing and will invert as game developers choose to leverage the full power of blockchain technology for simply better experiences, unlocking greater audiences, retention and monetization for their titles and platforms.”

Vlad Korolov, Gunzilla’s co-founder and CEO, said in a statement, “With the forthcoming launch of Off The Grid and Gunz to the public, we are not just advancing towards a new horizon in AAA gaming but also establishing a new standard in the blockchain space. This evolution is supported by the invaluable backing of our funding partners, empowering us to deliver a AAA gaming experience which is set to exceed gamers’ expectations and enriches their engagement with the game universe by incorporating the decentralised community-driven in-game economy.”

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