Here’s your chance to own a decommissioned US government supercomputer
Enlarge / A photo of the Cheyenne supercomputer, which is now up for auction. On Tuesday, the US General Services Administration began an auction for the decommissioned Cheyenne supercomputer, located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The 5.34-petaflop supercomputer ranked as the 20th most powerful in the world at the time of... Read more
Joint US/India operation busts $360 million crypto-funded drugs ring
A collaboration among law enforcement in India and the United States has led to the discovery of a cryptocurrency drug ring worth $360 million. The United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation and India’s Enforcement Directorate (ED) teamed up for a search operation in India’s Uttarakhand state back in August... Read more
Best Desktop Computer Deals: Save Up to $280 on Lenovo, Apple, HP and More
Compared with a laptop, a desktop computer has a lot of perks, especially if you plan to use it long term. For example, you can pick the type of monitor you want, the mouse and keyboard, as well as any other peripherals that you need for work. They can be... Read more
The Affordable Connectivity Program Kept Them Online. What Now?
“I’m paying around $35 per month now, and that’s with $30 off my bill,” Perez says. “So eventually I’ll pay more than $60 per month.” This past weekend he used his data plan, which he uses for internet on his phone, to help out a former roommate who lives... Read more
The ChatGPT memory feature only works with text-based information at present. It does not store imagery nor audioRead More Source link Read more
Health care giant comes clean about recent hack and paid ransom
Getty Images Change Healthcare, the health care services provider that recently experienced a ransomware attack that hamstrung the US prescription market for two weeks, was hacked through a compromised account that failed to use multifactor authentication, the company CEO told members of Congress. The February 21 attack by a... Read more
Xbox announces first batch of Game Pass titles for May 2024
Microsoft has announced the first few titles coming to Xbox Game Pass in May of this year. As well as the previously-announced arrival of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Microsoft has just updated the Xbox blog with the news that Have A Nice Death is now available to play for... Read more
Google Pixel 8A Leaks Reveal $499 Starting Price, Bigger Battery
Google’s Pixel 8A appears to be a step closer to holding onto last year’s budget-friendly smartphone crown. A new report Tuesday says that despite upgrades including a bigger battery, the Pixel 8A’s price will remain the same as last year’s Pixel 7A, starting at $499. The leak, from popular... Read more
The Dangerous Rise of GPS Attacks
The disruption to GPS services started getting worse on Christmas Day. Planes and ships moving around southern Sweden and Poland lost connectivity as their radio signals were interfered with. Since then, the region around the Baltic Sea—including neighboring Germany, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania—has faced persistent attacks against GPS... Read more
10:10 Games has confirmed that its upcoming figure-based action-adventure game, Funko Fusion, launches on PC and consoles on September 13.Read More Source link Read more