Judas – Release date, trailers, platforms, and everything we know Judas – Release date, trailers, platforms, and everything we know
Gamers are always on the lookout for new IPs to sink their teeth into and a brand new FPS – Judas – could be... Judas – Release date, trailers, platforms, and everything we know

Gamers are always on the lookout for new IPs to sink their teeth into and a brand new FPS – Judas – could be one that many will latch onto, with popular industry veterans behind its development.

Here, we’ll discuss everything we know about the game including the Judas release date, any trailers, what platforms it will be on, and more, so you can come away having encyclopedic knowledge of the upcoming title.

Judas release date

Judas will release by March 2025 as confirmed by Take-Two Interactive who spoke to IGN prior to a 2023 earnings report. While the company didn’t provide an actual day to get excited about, at least there is a ‘deadline’ for the launch that we can look forward to.

Judas has been in development for some time so we anticipate that it won’t miss the above release window. But, with Holiday periods being stacked and details on the game still being few and far between, January-March is the safest bet in our eyes.

Judas trailers

Even though there haven’t been too many details on the game so far, we have been treated to two trailers for Judas, providing some great in-game shots of both the characters that we’ll be seeing in the game, as well as a sneak peek into the combat.

The first trailer – the game’s reveal – was showcased to the world at the Game Awards 2022 and has some really impressive visuals for a title that was still a way out from release. Take a look for yourself if you haven’t seen it already:

The next Judas trailer came over two years later at the 2024 PlayStation State of Play. While it shared some of the same shots as the first teaser, there was a whole lot more content packed into it. Additionally, it lifted the lid a little on what to expect from the story of the game which is certainly intriguing.

When we get closer to the release date for Judas we’re sure there will be at least one more trailer to pick apart, hopefully providing even more insight into the story tropes and new areas that you’ll be exploring on the spacecraft.

Judas platforms

Judas will release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, skipping last-gen consoles entirely. This is no real surprise considering that if the title does launch in 2025, we’ll be deep into the current-gen console lifecycle, with new revisions of that tech on the horizon.

What is great though, is that it is a multi-platform game, so no raising of pitchforks from either console camp. Similarly, on PC, you won’t be tied down to one launcher with both Steam and Epic Games being an option.

Can you pre-order Judas?

Unfortunately, at this current time, you cannot pre-order Judas no matter which platform you’d like to play it on.

What you can do is use the ‘Wishlist’ feature on Steam for example, and then you will be notified as soon as the pre-order becomes available. This will allow for whatever pre-order bonuses are available to be scooped up as soon as possible and maybe even a pre-install depending on how close to launch pre-orders go live.

Who is the Judas main character?

The Judas main characterThe Judas main character

The Judas main character is in fact, Judas. Yes, that’s right, you’ll be playing as the titular character that claims everyone and everything in life is being recorded by a higher power, and it’s their task to show the true reality.

Whether Judas is the true name of the character is currently unknown as it may also be a nickname or simply a name they have been branded by. The latter could very much be true, backed up by the large spray painted ‘J’ on their clothing shown in the ‘Story’ trailer, and the game’s theme of ‘exposing’ the truth.

Who is the Judas developer?

Judas is developed by Ghost Story Games, a studio that is headed up by original BioShock creator Ken Levine.

Judas will be the first game released by the studio and is Levine’s only title since 2014 when he concluded his work on the BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea expansion. Unsurprisingly, Ghost Story Games is comprised of other Irrational Games devs who aided Levine in his efforts way back when with 12 of the founding members being on the team.

Is Judas like Bioshock?

A BioShock-like scene in JudasA BioShock-like scene in Judas

Since Ken Levine is the studio head of Ghost Story Games, it more than draws inspiration from the BioShock franchise that he helped create. As shown in the trailers that have been released, you’ll soon see that in all honesty is BioShock in space.

With the dimly lit environments paired with the wacky-looking enemies, you’d definitely say that these would fit right into a BioShock sequel. This is even before we get into the weapons and abilities, that are more than comparable to their Rapture counterparts.

Whether there will be a shocking “would you kindly?” moment is yet to be seen, but we definitely expect an expertly crafted story with some interesting twists and turns along the way!

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