As big tech invests in fit personalization, True Fit adoption on Shopify soars 900% As big tech invests in fit personalization, True Fit adoption on Shopify soars 900%
True Fit, the leading AI-driven size and fit personalization platform, is transforming the world of online apparel and footwear shopping through the democratization of... As big tech invests in fit personalization, True Fit adoption on Shopify soars 900%

True Fit, the leading AI-driven size and fit personalization platform, is transforming the world of online apparel and footwear shopping through the democratization of its Fashion Genome, particularly in its recent partnership with Shopify.

True Fit’s mission? To decode size and fit using AI for apparel companies and shoppers alike, promising that consumers will find garments and shoes they love in the right fit and size. This not only enhances the consumer experience but also drives significant benefits for retailers, including increased conversion rates, reduced returns and improved customer loyalty.

The recent emergence of big tech companies like Amazon and Google in the fit-technology arena represents a significant shift in the ecommerce landscape. Amazon’s AI Fit Insights Tool, recently announced in January, offers personalized size recommendations based on a wealth of siloed Amazon data, including orders, reviews and returns. Google’s AI-powered sizing tools leverage generative models to simulate clothing on various bodies and skin tones, but doesn’t go as far as offering personal size recommendations.

The recent collaboration between True Fit and Shopify, meanwhile, marks a significant milestone in the fashion industry. True Fit, having previously catered primarily to large enterprise retailers and brands, extended its services to Shopify’s network of merchants in late 2023. Since then, the partnership has witnessed remarkable growth, with adoption soaring 900% YTD, including 108% MoM merchant adoption.  Already, True Fit users represent 27% of order volume on integrated Shopify merchant sites, with an impressive average Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) increase of +14%.

By making True Fit’s software and proprietary data easily available to merchants of all sizes, Shopify is doing what it’s always done, giving emerging brands more tools to compete with the capabilities of big tech like Amazon, Google and many others.  Now, what used to take enterprise merchants many weeks to integrate, can be done on Shopify in one day, with no code.  This is helping arm emerging brands in the UX-arms-race that’s afoot amongst big tech, major retailers and massive marketplaces, all vying to win consumers’ loyalty in a land grab on the consumer web’s final frontier– the $2.2T global apparel and footwear market.

True Fit’s super power is its combination of cross-market proprietary data (Fashion Genome) and the network effects of its massive integration footprint, cultivated over many years. By normalizing 400,000 size strings across brands and 253 locales, True Fit connects data from over 400 million consumers across 21 billion Product Detail Page (PDP) views annually, spanning tens of thousands of brands, and over $300 Billion of anonymized transaction data.  Further, True Fit drives customer engagement and generates over 2 million new registered users every month across its network.  As unsure sizing remains the number one source of purchase hesitancy and friction for online clothing shoppers, True Fit’s AI-platform and data advantage is already unlocking new growth for large enterprise retailers, and as well as emerging brands and merchants.

Raj Chandrasekaran, True Fit’s Chief Technology Officer, commented, “In a world where AI is accessible to all, the main differentiator is unique and proprietary data. True Fit’s Fashion Genome is a very special platform cultivated over years. This ‘unreasonable effectiveness of data’ is why True Fit is able to provide trustworthy recommendations at such breadth. In retail, trust is everything.”

Looking forward, as more of the big tech firms and major retailers transition to becoming highly personalized marketplaces, like the WWD exclusive last week announcing, “ is aiming to be the ‘Spotify of Fashion’ with New Marketplace”, True Fit’s platform and proprietary cross-market data set is on its way to be used by big tech and merchants of all sizes as a significant competitive advantage for enabling AI to be smarter, solving big challenges and opportunities beyond fit and sizing, like helping AI shopping assistants know how to break out from generic responses and make its advice more personally relevant. 

It will also use the power of its Fashion Genome to better personalize style recommendations, enhance search with personal relevance, enable personalized size filtering (eliminating stockouts altogether which affect up to 55% of product listings), power personally relevant outfitting, and drive smarter merchandising and product development.

Demand for True Fit’s products with Shopify merchants is already evident, with over 500 merchants currently utilizing the platform in a matter of months, a number projected to surpass 2,000 by the end of 2024. Brands such as APL, Princess Polly, Lozuri and Frye are among those benefiting from True Fit’s innovative solutions.

NJ Falk, Managing Partner at APL, a rapidly growing athletic and lifestyle footwear brand on the Shopify platform commented, “As an athletic and lifestyle footwear brand that sits at the intersection of luxury and performance, our online consumers consistently seek and appreciate accurate, personalized fit recommendations. True Fit is an important component of the white glove service we offer. The platform and its dataset takes the guesswork out of sizing decisions making it easy for consumers to determine their true size while reducing the likelihood of a consumer ordering and returning multiple sizes. We have found that this is a huge advantage in driving consumer loyalty while increasing online conversion. Sizing can often seem complicated in the virtual world, and this keeps us at the forefront of the digital fitting room while keeping pace with consumer expectations.”

Rob Widdick, Co-founder and CEO of Lozuri, a rapidly growing online multi-brand luxury marketplace on the Shopify platform commented, “By integrating True Fit’s expertise and extensive fitment data, we are reducing return costs and lessening our environmental impacts.”

He goes on to say “This collaboration gives our clients additional confidence to shop with us, knowing they will get the perfect fit the first time. True Fit’s ability to normalize size variations across brands and regions addresses the primary challenge in online apparel shopping — size uncertainty. We chose True Fit because their advanced data capabilities and impressive team support demonstrate their ability to deliver trustworthy, personalized shopping experiences at a scale that keeps up with our growth.”

Jessica Arredondo Murphy, Co-founder and COO at True Fit, commented: “For more than a decade, our solution has learned tens of millions of shoppers’ preferences, bodies and styles on an almost DNA level to figure out what they will love. We’ve always felt that fit is what matters most when shoppers discover and buy fashion digitally and that benefit shouldn’t just be available to large or enterprise retail businesses — confidence in size and fit should be available to every shopper and every brand.”

“Our partnership with Shopify represents the next stage in our mission to democratize size and fit data through our Fashion Genome, helping brands of all sizes leverage AI to match customers with the garments they’ll love,” Murphy continued.

Merchants selling apparel and footwear on Shopify can visit True Fit’s Shopify page to learn more about integrating True Fit into their stores and unlocking the full potential of the Fashion Genome.

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