Silent Hill 2 Remake launches on October 8 this year Silent Hill 2 Remake launches on October 8 this year
GamesBeat is excited to partner with Lil Snack to have customized games just for our audience! We know as gamers ourselves, this is an... Silent Hill 2 Remake launches on October 8 this year

Konami revealed in a trailer at the May State of Play showcase that the upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake is launching on PC and PlayStation 5 on October 8 later this year. The horror title, developed by Bloober Team, is a remake of the 2001 survival horror classic. Following the State of Play event, Konami held a separate Transmission livestream where it revealed more story cutscenes and gameplay.

Both trailers show protagonist James Sunderland encountering monsters in addition to Silent Hill’s comparatively more mundane residents, such as Angela. As with the original title, James has to work hard to protect himself from the horrors all around him, as he searches for his allegedly deceased wife Mary, whose letter lured him to the foggy hellhole in the first place.

In the Silent Hill Transmission, we follow more of James’s gameplay as he putters around Silent Hill with Mary-lookalike Maria. The remake echoes some of the original’s color palette and lighting, though it has its own flavor as well. James fights some of the series’ iconic nurse enemies in pursuit of blonde girl Laura. The end of the trailer shows a glimpse of a larger, more deformed enemy.

Bloober Team developers said in interviews on the Transmission that it has attempted to remake the game with an eye towards modern combat while keeping the game faithful for existing fans. They added that the story of Silent Hill 2 will remain the same, but certain aspects have been expanded. Konami also revealed information about the special editions of the game.

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