Can These New Meme Coins 100x Your Investment? $BEER, $PLAY, $DOG, $WAI, and $DAWGZ Can These New Meme Coins 100x Your Investment? $BEER, $PLAY, $DOG, $WAI, and $DAWGZ
Five brand new meme coins are causing a stir in the crypto market, riding the current upswing where meme coins are showing strong performance.... Can These New Meme Coins 100x Your Investment? $BEER, $PLAY, $DOG, $WAI, and $DAWGZ

Five brand new meme coins are causing a stir in the crypto market, riding the current upswing where meme coins are showing strong performance.

Investors are hunting for potential gems that could offer significant returns, potentially multiplying investments by 100x. Three of these meme coins are currently on presale, offering a chance to get in early, while the other two are already available for trading.


The price of beer has surged recently, and it has seen an impressive 67% increase over the past month. This new project represents more than just another cryptocurrency; it embodies a concept akin to “Liquid Gold,” intended to function as a universal currency of enjoyment, fostering inclusivity irrespective of skin color or social status.

The project boasts a beautifully designed website and is listed on numerous centralized and decentralized exchanges, offering substantial benefits and rewards to its community. These incentives include a decade’s supply of beer, a Tesla Cybertruck giveaway filled with beer, and an exclusive VIP trip to Oktoberfest.

With a roadmap emphasizing community engagement and a top-tier website design, BEERCOIN exemplifies the essence of a meme coin poised for potential exponential growth. With over 140k followers on X and a million-plus subscribers on Telegram, its social media presence underscores its burgeoning popularity.

BEERCOIN stands as a promising candidate for investors seeking the next potential 100x opportunity and merits consideration for inclusion in investment watchlists.

PlayDoge (PLAY)

PlayDoge is a presale gem that stands out as a best-in-class Play-to-Earn Doge companion game. This mobile-based game transforms the iconic Doge meme into a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet experience, evoking 90s nostalgia.


PlayDoge has already raised $4.4 million in just a week, highlighting its rapid success. With an upcoming price hike, now presents an opportune moment for early investment.

The project boasts impressive growth on social media platforms, amassing 4,900 followers shortly after its recent launch. Its high-quality artwork and well-designed website reflect a commitment to professionalism and investor confidence.

Additionally, PlayDoge features strong tokenomics, including staking options, which enhance its appeal. For investors seeking a presale opportunity with significant upside potential, PlayDoge emerges as a promising choice.  To take part in the $PLAY token presale, visit

Dog (Runes) (DOG)

Dog (Runes), previously known as the DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON token, has garnered significant attention across the internet, approaching the $0.006871 mark. The project aims to achieve a remarkable milestone of $1 per token, potentially yielding a 110x increase from current levels, which is exceptionally ambitious.

Recently added to the leverage platform, Dog (Runes) has aligned itself alongside other successful meme coins like $BEER and $BENDOG, which have shown considerable momentum in the market.

With a market capitalization nearing $700 million and trading volumes around $21 million in 24 hours, Dog (Runes) has quickly become a prominent player in the cryptocurrency space.

Its integration into the Bitcoin Runes ecosystem further enhances its appeal, offering unique opportunities amid a competitive landscape dominated by platforms like Solana, Avalanche, and Binanace Smart Chain.

For investors seeking exposure to promising meme coins, adding Dog (Runes) to their watch list could prove advantageous.

WienerAI (WAI)

WienerAI (WAI), a project combining dog, sausage, and AI trading bot elements, is generating buzz in the meme coin sector. With an imminent price hike and $5.8 million already raised in funding, $WAI is poised for significant growth. Investors can participate in the presale using ETH, USDT, BNB, or Card.

However, purchases made on the BNB Smart Chain during the presale will not be eligible for high annual returns from staking. It is recommended to buy on Ethereum for those interested in staking.

What makes WienerAI stand out? It integrates AI-powered trading with seamless swaps, zero fees, and MEV protection. This innovative approach, coupled with a generous 195% APY staking option, makes $WAI a compelling investment opportunity.

WienerAI’s strengths go beyond its unique theme. The project boasts robust tokenomics, a well-defined roadmap, and practical utility. These factors position it as a leader in the meme coin space, aligning with current market trends and suggesting further upward movement.

WienerAI’s ambition is to dominate the AI space, surpassing other dog-themed tokens. Experts are taking notice, with some predicting 100x returns and others suggesting a conservative 10x gain for investors. Coverage by prominent crypto news outlets further fuels investor confidence.

Overall, WienerAI presents a unique opportunity in the meme coin market. Its innovative approach, strong fundamentals, and industry recognition position it for substantial growth potential. Secure your spot in the $WAI token presale by visiting

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ)

Base Dawgz token, another presale gem that has generated significant enthusiasm, is gaining rapid traction. Despite being only a few days old, the project has already raised $1.3 million.

It distinguishes itself with a Top Gun-style theme featuring Doge Pepe and other beloved memes.

What sets this project apart is its innovative referral program, which allows participants to earn 10% of the purchase amount in USDT for every referral that leads to a sale.

Additionally, Base Dawgz incentivizes social engagement through an airdrop campaign, rewarding contributors with points convertible to $DAWGZ tokens post-presale.

This dual approach not only encourages active promotion of the project but also fosters community involvement and growth. With robust tokenomics, including allocations of 20% to presale, staking, liquidity, marketing, and rewards, and 10% to listing, Base Dawgz ensures a well-rounded investment proposition.

Designed to cater to adventurous and innovative crypto enthusiasts, Base Dawgz offers a unique multi-chain experience, operating not only on the base chain but also facilitating trading on ETH, SOL, BSC, and AVAX.

For investors seeking exposure to promising presale opportunities, Base Dawgz presents a compelling choice in the evolving meme coin landscape. To participate in the $DAWGZ token presale, visit


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