Sky Mavis welcomes MMORPG Lumiterra to Ronin Sky Mavis welcomes MMORPG Lumiterra to Ronin
GamesBeat is excited to partner with Lil Snack to have customized games just for our audience! We know as gamers ourselves, this is an... Sky Mavis welcomes MMORPG Lumiterra to Ronin

Sky Mavis, the creators of the Ronin blockchain, announced today it has forged a partnership with Ticker Logic Studio to bring the latter’s MMORPG Lumiterra: Embers of the Legacy to Ronin. The Hong Kong-based developer plans to migrate the game from Arbitrum to Ronin.

Lumiterra is an open-world game with survival and crafting elements, built on a DeFi platform. Players gain resources and experience through farming, crafting and fighting monsters. They can complete quests and the main storyline, and form alliances with other players. Lumiterra’s open beta is scheduled to launch sometime in July.

Trung Nguyen, Sky Mavis CEO, said in a statement, “Lumiterra’s migration to Ronin is more than just adding a new game; it’s about welcoming legions of Web3 gamers from China and Hong Kong into Ronin’s digital nation. Lumiterra offers rich gameplay experiences, from survival and crafting to exploration and DeFi engagement. With a strong, organically-grown community and proven success in the DeFi space, Lumiterra is set to thrive on Ronin.”

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