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Why Twitter reset the @Twitter account

On Friday morning, Twitter posted a single word to its Twitter account: “The.” Average users began replying, telling a story one word at a time. When it was done, the first thread read: “The beginning of the end is near. Yay.” Had it been posted a month or so, it’s …

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Siemen's Self-Driving Street Car Puts Autonomous Tech on Track

Of the many acronyms engineers spend their lives internalizing, few are more valuable than KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Constrain the problem, reduce the variables, and make life as easy as possible when designing novel systems—like, say, a self-driving car. The world is a messy, complicated place. The less of …

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How to Measure Things That Are Astronomically Far Away

If you want to find the size of a basketball, you can use a normal meter stick to measure the diameter. You should get a value of around 0.24 meters. Please don’t use inches—they are just harder to deal with. Anyway, you probably aren’t using Imperial units since there are …

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Model 3 Crash Tests Hammer Home Tesla's Safety Excellence

Smash! Bang! Ratings success! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the arm of the federal Department of Transportation charged with reducing the number of people killed on US roads, yesterday released the results of the crash test for the Tesla Model 3: The car earned five stars in every category. …

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Sennheiser and Magic Leap are partnering to develop spatial audio products

Sennheiser is getting involved in the augmented reality space. The headphone and audio gear company announced today that it’s partnering with Magic Leap to develop spacial audio accessories for the AR headset’s platform. It’s specifically joining the “Works with Magic Leap” certification program, which is basically just Magic Leap’s way …

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