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There are some great gaming deals happening on Cyber Monday

There are plenty of great Cyber Monday deals across almost all categories of tech, but none more than gaming. Whether you’re interested in picking up some games, accessories like controllers or VR headsets, or full consoles, this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have been a total treat. Below, …

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TikTok prevented disabled users’ videos from showing up in feeds

Social video network TikTok apparently limited the reach of people with disabilities, including facial disfigurement and Down syndrome. According to Netzpolitik.org, which spoke with a source inside the company, the policy was supposed to protect users with a high risk of bullying. In practice, however, it apparently amounted to discrimination …

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Kerry, Schwarzenegger wage ‘World War Zero’ on climate change

Today former Secretary of State John Kerry and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared war on climate change. The two led an all-star cast of lawmakers and celebrities to launch an initiative called World War Zero, which aims to get individuals, businesses, and governments to drastically slash greenhouse gas emissions. …

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How the PlayStation’s DualShock shaped modern controllers

If you were told to draw a video game controller, what would it look like? Odds are, you’d scribble a rectangle with two downward wings for your palms to grip, a D-pad, four face buttons, shoulder triggers, and a pair of thumbsticks. In other words, you’d draw a PlayStation controller. …

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The Verge Guide to Cyber Monday

If you’re like us, Cyber Monday is a time of the year that you wish never came to an end. It’s when you can get the absolute best deals on tech like big 4K TVs, gaming consoles, phones, laptops, and more. You won’t have much time to act on these …

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