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PlayStation at 25: a visual history

A few months ago, we celebrated 30 years of one of my personal favorite gadgets ever, Nintendo’s Game Boy. This week was all about another favorite of mine: the PlayStation, which just turned 25. Although I actually never owned the original version of the console (shout out to my loving …

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Google Maps may soon highlight well-lit streets for walkers

According to XDA Developers, an Android development community whose members have analyzed the Android APK to look for unreleased features, there are indications of a new Lighting layer in Google Maps. This layer would indicate which streets are brightly lit by street lights by showing a yellow highlight. This could …

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How to wipe your MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac mini

If you own an older Mac computer, wiping the hard drive to prep it for sale is simple. But for newer models, including the iMac Pro, the 2018 Mac mini, and all MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models released since 2018, the process of fully resetting them is more involved. …

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Elon Musk’s lawyers pressure caver Unsworth for an apology

Toward the end of the lunch break, a courier arrived outside the courtroom, holding two boxes of Advil. The delivery was received by Elon Musk’s defense team. The courier asked for a name, and Michael Lifrak’s name was given. He had, in fact, received the delivery but had promptly gone …

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Dell XPS 13 (late 2019) review: the one with six cores

For a long time, 13-inch thin and light laptops had dual-core processors. Then about a year or so ago, quad-core chips started showing up in these smaller computers. These processors brought a significant performance jump that was quite noticeable while you were both performing computer-intensive tasks and during everyday work. …

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