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Get personalized expert help for your startup at Disrupt Berlin

Want to get professional feedback about your pitch deck, marketing assets, or immigration issues? Attending Disrupt Berlin? We’ve brought in experts from around Europe (and Silicon Valley) to help you directly. These events were hugely popular when we first did them at Disrupt in San Francisco the other month, so …

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Astronomers find stellar black hole so large it shouldn't exist

The team used China’s Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) to find stars orbiting objects that are seemingly invisible — a technique that had been proposed back in 1783, but hadn’t really been possible until recently. They then used both the US’ Keck I telescope and Spain’s Gran …

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China now requires face scans to sign up for phone service

There are privacy issues beyond that, too. China is known to use facial recognition to track and suppress ethnic minorities, and also uses it against virtually everyone to spot travelers and cars that are on a state-run blacklist. It’s not clear that China will get rid of face scans after …

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TCL's 65-inch 6 Series 4K TV drops to $700 at Best Buy

TV deals are everywhere during the Cyber Monday period, but this is one you might want to consider. Best Buy is selling a 65-inch version of TCL’s latest 6 Series TV (the R625) for $700 during the Cyber Monday period, or about $200 less than the usual sticker. That gets …

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Tesla Cybertruck will join Dubai's eclectic police fleet

The force has been criticized at times for a fleet whose vehicles are frequently more about showing off than catching crooks. It doesn’t really need an ultra-rare Aston Martin One-77 for pursuits. The Cybertruck, however, could be genuinely practical. The dual-motor version arriving in 2021 is quicker off the line …

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