THQ Nordic delays Alone in the Dark (again) to March 20
Do you want to get the latest gaming industry news straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily and weekly newsletters here. THQ Nordic announced that it’s delaying its new Alone in the Dark title yet again. Instead of launching next January, the game will now launch on... Read more
Stealthy Linux rootkit found in the wild after going undetected for 2 years
Stealthy and multifunctional Linux malware that has been infecting telecommunications companies went largely unnoticed for two years until being documented for the first time by researchers on Thursday. Researchers from security firm Group-IB have named the remote access trojan “Krasue,” after a nocturnal spirit depicted in Southeast Asian folklore... Read more
AI undressing deepfake nude generation apps soar in popularity
Apps and websites that use artificial intelligence to digitally remove clothing from women’s photos without consent are skyrocketing in popularity, according to a Time report. Researchers at the social network analysis firm Graphika found that in September alone, 24 million people visited so-called “nudify” or “undressing” services that apply... Read more
Holiday Wish List: Current Meta Quest 3 Deals including Free Game and 6 Months of Meta Quest Plus
If the latest Meta Quest 3 is on your holiday wish list you’re not alone: it’s one of the best VR headsets when it comes to bang for your buck. While the games and apps for the Quest 3 are still in their early days, the headset offers a... Read more
The EU Just Passed Sweeping New Rules to Regulate AI
Over the two years lawmakers have been negotiating the rules agreed today, AI technology and the leading concerns about it have dramatically changed. When the AI Act was conceived in April 2021, policymakers were worried about opaque algorithms deciding who would get a job, be granted refugee status or... Read more
Don’t worry. The Game Awards shows cool games are coming in 2024 | The DeanBeat
Do you want to get the latest gaming industry news straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily and weekly newsletters here. The year isn’t over yet, but The Game Awards showed us last night that there are some awesome games coming in 2024. It was a successful... Read more
EU agrees to landmark rules on artificial intelligence
Enlarge / EU Commissioner Thierry Breton talks to media during a press conference in June. Thierry Monasse | Getty Images European Union lawmakers have agreed on the terms for landmark legislation to regulate artificial intelligence, pushing ahead with enacting the world’s most restrictive regime on the development of the... Read more
Chinese SMIC surpasses 5nm barrier with Huawei chip
Chinese semiconductor factory Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) may have surpassed the 5nm process barrier despite U.S. restrictions — by developing a cutting-edge chip for Huawei. This breakthrough is a significant step forward for both SMIC and Huawei amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions and technological competition. As the demand for... Read more
Google Gemini AI Tries Outsmarting ChatGPT With Photo, Video Skills
Google has begun bringing a native understanding of video, audio and photos to its Bard AI chatbot with a new model called Gemini. Google Pixel 8 phone owners will be among the first to tap into its new artificial intelligence abilities. The first incarnations of the new technology arrived... Read more
The First Crispr Medicine Is Now Approved in the US
Casgevy uses the Nobel Prize–winning technology Crispr to modify patients’ cells so that they produce healthy hemoglobin instead. The Crispr system has two parts: a protein that cuts genetic material and a guide molecule that tells it where in the genome to make the cut. To do this, a... Read more