Adobe’s AI-Powered Generative Remove Feature in Lightroom Erases Unsightly Objects in Seconds
Photo bombing is dead. Adobe is adding an artificial intelligence-powered Generative Remove feature to its Lightroom photo editor that makes it dead simple to zap out unwanted elements, like that annoying guy in the background. The new feature is in a public beta testing phase but will work across... Read more
Unistellar launches Kickstarter for smart binoculars to view the night sky
GamesBeat is excited to partner with Lil Snack to have customized games just for our audience! We know as gamers ourselves, this is an exciting way to engage through play with the GamesBeat content you have already come to love. Start playing games here.  Unistellar, the maker of user-friendly... Read more
Godfathers of AI warn we may ‘lose control’ of AI systems without intervention
Two ‘godfathers’ of AI add their voices to a group of experts warning there’s potential to lose control of AI systems if action isn’t taken soon. In July 2023, Dr Geoffrey Hinton made headlines by departing his job at Google to warn of the dangers of artificial intelligence. Now,... Read more
Use These Amazon Prime Perks During the Memorial Day Sale
Having an Amazon Prime membership gives you access to many benefits regular shoppers don’t get. And with Memorial Day coming up, you’ll want to make sure you’re utilizing those benefits when you shop Amazon deals. If you find it hard to keep up with all the Amazon perks, you’re not alone.... Read more
The World Is Ignoring the Other Deadly Kind of Carbon
Once again, vast expanses of Canadian wilderness are on fire, threatening towns and forcing thousands to flee. It appears to be a breakout of “zombie fires”: wildfires from last year that never actually went out completely but carried on smoldering underground, reigniting ground vegetation again this year. They’ve been... Read more
IBM CEO praises real open source for enterprise gen AI, new efforts emerge at Think 2024
Join us in returning to NYC on June 5th to collaborate with executive leaders in exploring comprehensive methods for auditing AI models regarding bias, performance, and ethical compliance across diverse organizations. Find out how you can attend here. IBM is strengthening the foundation for its generative AI efforts with... Read more
OpenAI on the defensive after multiple PR setbacks in one week
Since the launch of its latest AI language model, GPT-4o, OpenAI has found itself on the defensive over the past week due to a string of bad news, rumors, and ridicule circulating on traditional and social media. The negative attention is potentially a sign that OpenAI has entered a... Read more
Rumor says new Xbox hardware is coming in 2026
Microsoft and Xbox are having a rough time as of late in what appears to be some serious consolidations after the massive Activision Blizzard deal went through. Not only this but with the first-party library being in a relatively rough state in 2024, many gamers are considering jumping ship... Read more
Today’s NYT Connections Hints and Answer – Help for May 21, #345
Need the answers for the May 21 New York Times Connections puzzle? To me, Wordle is more of a vocabulary test, but Connections is more of a brainteaser. You’re given 16 words and asked to put them into four groups that are somehow connected. Sometimes they’re obvious, but the game... Read more
Scarlett Johansson Says OpenAI Ripped Off Her Voice for ChatGPT
Last week OpenAI revealed a new conversational interface for ChatGPT with an expressive, synthetic voice strikingly similar to that of the AI assistant played by Scarlett Johansson in the sci-fi movie Her—only to suddenly disable the new voice over the weekend. On Monday, Johansson issued a statement claiming to... Read more