Best Streaming Services for Documentaries
What about live TV streaming services? Another option for streaming TV is to use a live platform like Sling or YouTube TV. They stream channels similar to linear TV without a contract and offer access to content about true crime, animals, celebrities and more. Pluto TV is free and... Read more
There’s a New Theory About Where Dark Matter Is Hiding
But there may be opportunities to indirectly spot the signatures of those gravitons. One strategy Vafa and his collaborators are pursuing draws on large-scale cosmological surveys that chart the distribution of galaxies and matter. In those distributions, there might be “small differences in clustering behavior,” Obied said, that would... Read more
Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth set 2024’s bar absurdly high | Kaser Focus
Are you looking to showcase your brand in front of the gaming industry’s top leaders? Learn more about GamesBeat Summit sponsorship opportunities here.  As of today, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is one of the best-selling games of January, according to Circana’s report. This once-niche Japanese crime series has... Read more
Do You Live in One of the 15 States Sending Child Tax Credits in 2024? Find Out Here
For those with kids, this tax season could mean extra money for their family. Here’s why: Congress is working on a plan to expand the child tax credit by increasing the maximum refundable amount. In addition, you might live in one of the states sending additional child tax credit money this year. This story is... Read more
A Mysterious Leak Exposed Chinese Hacking Secrets
While the documents have now been removed from GitHub, where they were first posted, the identity and motivations of the person, or people, who leaked them remains a mystery. However, Chang says the documents appear to be real, a fact confirmed by two employees working for i-Soon, according to... Read more
In the latest salvo in the ongoing war between cloud server providers to offer their customers the most comprehensive set of generative AI models, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Principal Developer Advocate Donnie Prakoso today announced in a blog post that the cloud leader would be bringing open source LLMs from... Read more
Florida’s controversial bill to restrict social media use by minors heads to governor
Florida is on the brink of enacting one of the nation’s most restrictive bans on social media use by minors. According to the Associated Press, the bill, aimed at prohibiting children under the age of 16 from accessing popular social media platforms regardless of parental consent, has been passed... Read more
Galaxy S22 Deals: Get Up to $750 Off With Carrier Plans and Trade-In
See at Amazon Amazon $250 off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price The Galaxy S22 series may’ve been eclipsed by the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24 series, but the S22 is still a pretty powerful phone (as are most flagships that are just a generation or two behind). And it’s also a... Read more
It’s Apparently Easy to Crack the Apple Vision Pro’s Front Screen
Apple’s mixed-reality headset is selling well, but it’s embroiled in a new mystery that’s proving tough to crack. As first reported by MacRumors, some customers have discovered a mysterious crack appearing vertically down the center of the front-facing screen on their Vision Pro headsets. The reports have come from... Read more
How to find opportunities in the kids game market | Nick Button-Brown interview
Are you looking to showcase your brand in front of the gaming industry’s top leaders? Learn more about GamesBeat Summit sponsorship opportunities here.  There’s still a lot of gloom in the video game business, but it’s not a universal feeling. Nick Button-Brown, chairman of Outright Games, feels like things... Read more