Ted Lasso: You don’t need to love soccer to love Jason Sudeikis’ new comedy
Brendan Hunt and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso. Apple TV Plus Take it from a non-soccer fan. You don’t need to like soccer, or even know anything about the sport, to like new Apple TV Plus comedy Ted Lasso.  The show, streaming now, is executive produced by Jason Sudeikis... Read more
An Algorithm Determined UK Students’ Grades. Chaos Ensued
Results day has a time-worn rhythm, full of annual tropes: local newspaper pictures of envelope-clutching girls jumping in the air in threes and fours, columnists complaining that exams have gotten far too easy, and the same five or six celebrities posting worthy Twitter threads about why exam results don’t... Read more
The RetroBeat: The 10 best U.S. launch titles ever
Halo: Infinite’s delay puts Microsoft in a weird spot, as its upcoming Xbox Series X is now without a major launch title. This had me pondering the importance of launch games. Do they really matter? Well, they can! A great game that comes out at the same time as... Read more
The best battery-powered security cameras for 2020
Not only do battery-powered security cameras give you more installation flexibility than their wired counterparts, they also typically have weatherproof housings for use outside. That means you can install a wireless security camera on a fence, in a tree — or pretty much anywhere — as long as your... Read more
The Very 2020 Ascent of Sarah Cooper
The Monitor is a weekly column devoted to everything happening in the WIRED world of culture, from movies to memes, TV to Twitter. Sarah Cooper used to work at Google. Now, she’s about to work for Netflix. Well, sorta. In the kind of topsy-turvy story that could only happen... Read more
AI Weekly: Announcing our ‘Automation and jobs in the new normal’ special issue
Aside from staying alive and healthy, the biggest concern most people have during the pandemic is the future of their jobs. Unemployment in the U.S. has skyrocketed, from 5.8 million in February 2020 to 16.3 million in July 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But it’s... Read more
iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XS: Depends on which phone you already own
The iPhone 11, which Apple announced in September 2019, is an impressive and relatively affordable handset with a fantastic camera and a fast processor. But those with an iPhone XS from 2018 may wonder if it’s time for an upgrade. After all, the iPhone 11 has some great new... Read more
From Ellen DeGeneres to Tom Hanks, QAnon Has Infiltrated the Hollywood Rumor Mill
In the comments, some people were angrily insisting that they were not bots and that their indignation was both human and sincere. Fair enough! But some of those people, and many others, were also in the comments accusing Ellen and Portia of human trafficking and pedophilia. So many, in... Read more
GamesBeat Decides 159: Epic vs. Apple, Halo delay, and NPD
GamesBeat Decides is here once again to shout that you’ve activated Tim Sweeney’s trap card. That’s right, Epic pulled some Yu-Gi-Oh moves on Apple and Google this week, and now we all have to choose the billion- or trillion-dollar corporation we’re gonna root for. It’s appalling! In other news,... Read more
How schools reopening use AI and other tech for surveillance
Thousands of schools nationwide will not be reopening this fall. But in Las Vegas, the private K-12 Meadows School plans to use an artificial intelligence-powered thermal screening system to keep students safe as they return to classes. The system will scan for signs that students have elevated temperatures —... Read more