Unemployment may be at a record high, but—don’t look now—lots of companies are actually hiring. So, your résumé caught someone’s eye? Great, you’ve got an interview. The catch is that you’re not being invited to the office, you’re going to be doing it via Zoom or some other video... Read more
An Amazon courier shares fears from the front lines
(Reuters) — Excelso Sabulao delivers groceries for Amazon in California so he can help provide his parents an income. Now, with endless interactions at stores and at homes during a pandemic, he worries his work will kill them. “I’m just putting my faith in God that, you know, somehow... Read more
Not-actually Linux distro review: FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE
Enlarge / We could have used one of these FreeBSD stress balls while trying to get a desktop running. This month’s Linux distro review isn’t of a Linux distribution at all—instead, we’re taking a look at FreeBSD, the original gangster of free Unix-like operating systems. The first FreeBSD release was... Read more
Apple TV Plus offers free access to some original programming
Apple TV Plus is opening up some of its original content for free viewing, including The Elephant Queen. Apple As people are forced to spend more time confined at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Apple is allowing free streaming of some its original content on Apple TV Plus... Read more
Covid-19 Symptoms (Coronavirus): What to Do If You Might Have It
If you’re experiencing constant chest pain or pressure, extreme breathing difficulties, severe dizziness, slurred speech, confusion, difficulty waking up, or have bluish lips or face, call 911 or get immediate medical attention. The Apple and CDC diagnosis tool may be useful to check as your symptoms change. If you’re... Read more
Can a coronavirus tracking app be both effective and privacy-centric?
On Monday the EU data protection watchdog called for the development of a single COVID-19 contact-tracing app that would be coordinated at European level. As it stands the spread of coronavirus over the past weeks has seen governments forced to develop and roll-out new technologies at a speed that... Read more
Apps to help you get through the pandemic, from symptom trackers to games
So the coronavirus pandemic has you sitting around your house with very little to do and few places you’re allowed to go. It’s not the best setup, but it doesn’t have to be the worst, either. As a wise woman once said, you can spend this time “looking at... Read more
Frontier bungles redaction of network audit that it doesn’t want you to see
Enlarge / A Frontier Communications van. Frontier Communications needs a lesson in how to redact documents. Frontier is trying to hide large portions of an audit report from the public, claiming that details about the ISP’s broadband-network problems are trade secrets. But when Frontier made a redacted version of... Read more
Coronavirus updates: UK’s Boris Johnson moved out of ICU, more record jobless claims in US
Posters drawn by children are displayed in support of the National Health Service on a building near London’s St. Thomas’ Hospital, where UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is undergoing treatment. Justin Setterfield/Getty Images For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website. The coronavirus pandemic... Read more
Vote by Mail Isn’t Perfect. But It’s Essential in a Pandemic
Election security has become a more prominent (and urgent) topic in the United States over the last few years, but as the Covid-19 pandemic rages, a different type of crisis is also presenting itself: how to carry out primaries in a way that maintains both social distancing and electoral... Read more