MIT takes down 80 Million Tiny Images data set due to racist and offensive content
Creators of the 80 Million Tiny Images data set from MIT and NYU took the collection offline this week, apologized, and asked other researchers to refrain from using the data set and delete any existing copies. The news was shared Monday in a letter by MIT professors Bill Freeman... Read more
Join the Vox Book Club!
Here’s how the Vox Book Club works: Every month, we pick a book. Throughout the month, we publish a series of discussion posts containing thoughts and discussion questions from Vox book critic Constance Grady, but we also have comments turned on and moderated so you can share your thoughts,... Read more
Dish buys Boost prepaid biz from T-Mobile, finally enters wireless market
Dish Network has completed a $1.4 billion acquisition of Boost Mobile, a former Sprint subsidiary that resells prepaid mobile service. After years of buying up spectrum but never delivering service, Dish is finally a mobile provider—albeit as a reseller that doesn’t yet operate its own network. Dish was able... Read more
Airvet Showered by Investors with $14M in Series A Funding to Bring Virtual Care to Every Pet Owner in the Country
We’ve all seen telemedicine quickly work its way into the mainstream, giving us live on-demandaccess to dermatologists, therapists, or pediatricians virtually. In fact, with COVID-19 stilllooming, many of us have likely used it ourselves in just the last few months. But what aboutour pets? We look at them the... Read more
Hamilton on Disney Plus review: A heartwarming hybrid of play and movie
Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr. and Anthony Ramos in Hamilton.  Disney Plus Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, the Broadway musical hit you’ve been obsessing about for years but couldn’t get tickets for, starts streaming on Disney Plus July 3.  Watching the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton... Read more
New Mac Ransomware Is Even More Sinister Than It Appears
The threat of ransomware may seem ubiquitous, but there haven’t been too many strains tailored specifically to infect Apple’s Mac computers since the first full-fledged Mac ransomware surfaced only four years ago. So when Dinesh Devadoss, a malware researcher at the firm K7 Lab, published findings on Tuesday about... Read more
Mozilla Common Voice updates will help train the ‘Hey Firefox’ wakeword for voice-based web browsing
Mozilla today released the latest version of Common Voice, its open source collection of transcribed voice data for startups, researchers, and hobbyists to build voice-enabled apps, services, and devices. Common Voice now contains over 7,226 total hours of contributed voice data in 54 different languages, up from 1,400 hours... Read more
Self-driving trucks from Waymo and TuSimple hit the road in the US
Fully autonomous trucking may be one step closer to reality. On Wednesday, the San Diego-based self-driving startup TuSimple announced what it’s calling the world’s first autonomous freight network. That means that the company is laying the groundwork for delivering a lot more of our stuff with self-driving trucks. TuSimple... Read more
Unscheduled fixes for critical Windows flaws delivered through rare channel
Microsoft has published unscheduled fixes for two critical vulnerabilities that make it possible for attackers to execute malicious code on computers running any version of Windows 10. Unlike the vast majority of Windows patches, the ones released on Tuesday were delivered through the Microsoft Store. The normal channel for... Read more
Watch NASA’s epic 10-year time-lapse video of our sun’s fiery adventures
This is what the sun looked like to the SDO on August 13, 2012.  NASA video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET What are you doing today? Please answer “Watching an hour-long NASA time-lapse video showing an entire decade of the sun.” You won’t regret it.  NASA released a truly epic... Read more