Coronavirus won’t disrupt Cyberpunk 2077’s September 17 release
CD Projekt Red is pushing ahead with its launch plans for Cyberpunk 2077. The open-world sci-fi role-playing adventure is due out September 17, and the studio expects to stick to that date. During a conference call today with financial analysts, the company revealed it has plans in place to... Read more
Delivery apps are bleeding restaurants dry during the pandemic
In March, just a few days before a looming stay-at-home order would take effect in Chicago, restaurateur Nick Kokonas faced a terrifying prospect: empty dining rooms at his restaurants. “There will be no reservations in the United States of America. What do we do?” For Kokonas, the answer was... Read more
US Senate tells members not to use Zoom
The US Senate has become the latest organization to tell its members not to use Zoom because of concerns about data security on the video conferencing platform that has boomed in popularity during the coronavirus crisis. The Senate sergeant at arms has warned all senators against using the service,... Read more
How a Quibi thriller went from failed movie to bite-size streaming
Liam Hemsworth plays the Most Dangerous Game. Quibi Once upon a time, books were everything. Then movies were the star of the show. TV stole the limelight in recent years — and then streaming became the hot new thing. Funnily enough, the behind the scenes journey of action thriller... Read more
Lies About Covid-19 Might Be Deadly, but They’re Not Unique
It’s great that Facebook, Twitter, and other large social media companies are doing what they’re doing to prevent the spread of misinformation around Covid-19. Sure, Facebook is still ignoring what’s shared in private groups and has co-hosted a town hall with Fox News; sure, Google’s efforts to ban Covid-19... Read more
Amazon’s AI uses meta learning to accomplish related tasks
In a paper scheduled to be presented at the upcoming International Conference on Learning Representations, Amazon researchers propose an AI approach that greatly improves performance on certain meta-learning tasks (i.e., tasks that involve both accomplishing related goals and learning how to learn to perform them). They say it can... Read more
Bill Gates and the 10 other tech titans with the power to shape how the US fights the coronavirus
What Silicon Valley billionaires decide to do with their money and power from now on in the Covid-19 crisis matters. It could affect the amount of suffering the US experiences in a recession and the amount of time before things return to normal. It might even have an impact... Read more
Meet dark_nexus, quite possibly the most potent IoT botnet ever
Aurich Lawson A newly discovered botnet that preys on home routers, video recorders, and other network-connected devices is one of the most advanced Internet-of-things platforms ever seen, researchers said on Wednesday. Its list of advanced features includes the ability to disguise malicious traffic as benign, maintain persistence, and infect... Read more
LG reveals concept for its next flagship phone
The concept’s rear cameras are in a “raindrop formation.” LG LG on Thursday offered a hint of its future phone, with a few concept images showing its “raindrop” rear camera design and “front-back symmetrical curves” The cameras descend in order by size, with the main lens sitting just above... Read more
iPads Are Crucial Health Care Tools in Combating Covid-19
“The hearing impaired find the device extremely helpful and it provides a lot of confidence and comfort,” said Wren Lester, chief experience officer and director of patient relations at Downstate Medical Center. Lester says the hospital hopes to expand the program after the crisis. Downstate isn’t currently using the... Read more