Delta Is an iOS Game Boy Emulator That (Likely) Won’t Get Taken Down
Video game emulators are having a tough time. Back in March it was Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu, which got shut down following a lawsuit from Nintendo. Pizza Emulators, another Nintendo emulator, disappeared around the same time. Then, over the weekend, after Apple updated its restrictions on retro game emulators... Read more
World of Warcraft is in the midst of a renaissance, and The War Within looks to keep that momentum going.Read More Source link Read more
Broadcom says “many” VMware perpetual licenses got support extensions
Broadcom CEO Hock Tan this week publicized some concessions aimed at helping customers and partners ease into VMware’s recent business model changes. Tan reiterated that the controversial changes, like the end of perpetual licensing, aren’t going away. But amid questioning from antitrust officials in the European Union (EU), Tan... Read more
Disney Speedstorm’s Golden Pass controversy moves Gameloft to consider changes
Gameloft may reverse course on Disney Speedstorm following major backlash regarding changes to the game’s monetization strategy. Previously, players could earn the game’s “Golden Pass” — also known as its Season Pass — by accumulating Tokens, an in-game currency that can be freely earned. However, with the launch of... Read more
Sony’s TV Lineup 2024: New TVs, New Direction
“It’s time to reintroduce HDR,” according to Sony’s chief distinguished engineer, Toshiyuki Ogura, who has been working with and developing HDR (high dynamic range) technology since its inception. Speaking at Sony’s home theater spring showcase in March, Ogura was referring in part to the company’s latest LED TV tech,... Read more
Intel unveils Hala Point, a large neuromorphic system using Loihi 2 processors and 1.15 billion neurons to develop future brain-inspired AI.Read More Source link Read more
Why the US government’s overreliance on Microsoft is a big problem
When Microsoft revealed in January that foreign government hackers had once again breached its systems, the news prompted another round of recriminations about the security posture of the world’s largest tech company. Despite the angst among policymakers, security experts, and competitors, Microsoft faced no consequences for its latest embarrassing... Read more
Netflix accused of using AI-altered images in true crime documentary
Netflix has reportedly used what appear to be AI-generated or manipulated images in a recent true-crime documentary. “What Jennifer Did” is about a murder-for-hire plot involving a woman named Jennifer Pan that took place in Canada back in 2010. The streaming service allegedly used photos to depict her personality,... Read more
Mortgage Refinance Rates Move Higher: Mortgage Refinance Rates on April 17, 2024
John Greim/LightRocket/Getty Images Today’s average refinance rates Mortgage Refinance Today’s average mortgage rates on Apr. 17, 2024, compared with one week ago. We use rate data collected by Bankrate as reported by lenders across the US. Today’s refinance interest rates Refinance rates are still high, but your personal interest... Read more
Hackers Linked to Russia’s Military Claim Credit for Sabotaging US Water Utilities
Russia’s military intelligence unit known as Sandworm has, for the past decade, served as the Kremlin’s most aggressive cyberattack force, triggering blackouts in Ukraine and releasing self-spreading, destructive code in incidents that remain some of the most disruptive hacking events in history. In recent months, however, one group of... Read more