HP Elite Dragonfly review: A laptop you can rely on to stay connected
I needed a laptop to get me through CES 2020, so I turned to the HP Elite Dragonfly, a 2-in-1 notebook/tablet hybrid that boasts all-day battery life. The device feels cool, strong, and functional, with a chance of holding its own in a very crowded 2-in-1 market. HP targets... Read more
AT&T is doing exactly what it told Congress it wouldn’t do with Time Warner
Enlarge / Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey on “Friends,” on the set at the Warner Bros lot on Sept. 12, 2003 in Burbank, California. AT&T’s decision to prevent Time Warner-owned shows from streaming on Netflix and other non-AT&T services reduced the company’s quarterly revenue by $1.2 billion, a sacrifice that... Read more
Oscars 2020 winners: Full list of results with live updates
Will Joaquin Phoenix win best actor for Joker? Getty The red carpet proceedings are behind us and the stars have filed into Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre. The Oscars are here, but you can still prepare yourself for the hostless show (it’s a three-hour slog) with these handy and totally accurate winner predictions.... Read more
The Secret to Blowing Massive Soap Bubbles
Everybody loves bubbles, regardless of age—the bigger the better. But to blow really big, world-record-scale bubbles requires a very precise bubble mixture. Physicists have determined that a key ingredient is mixing in polymers of varying strand lengths, according to a new paper in Physical Review Fluids. That produces a... Read more
The smart way to approach your IP strategy
Strategy is almost a foul word today, the result of too many costly, high-level strategy projects in which considerable effort concludes with a fancy presentation that is neither actionable nor practical. All too often, such projects fail to provide adequate information for companies to make sound strategic decisions, defeating... Read more
Serious flaw that lurked in sudo for 9 years hands over root privileges
Sudo, a utility found in dozens of Unix-like operating systems, has received a patch for a potentially serious bug that allows unprivileged users to easily obtain unfettered root privileges on vulnerable systems. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2019-18634, is the result of a stack-based buffer-overflow bug found in versions 1.7.1... Read more
This robot excels at drawing human blood
This prototype for the automated blood-drawing robot could end up saving medical personnel a lot of time trying to find veins.  Unnati Chauhan/Rutgers University Robots are going to space, cleaning homes, working at hotels, caring for the elderly and giving museum tours. Next, they could be working in hospitals and medical clinics,... Read more
A Weekend at Concours d’Lemons, the World’s Worst Car Show
Pebble Beach Car Week is the worst. Crowds, traffic, rich old dudes showing off their expensive toys—it’s an altar to fossil fuel-powered excess. Like other sane people, I knew to steer clear of the Monterey Bay for Car Week. Until I read about Concours D’Lemons. Held at a location... Read more
Subaru Legacy 2020 review: Sensors that detect a drowsy or distracted driver
My neighbors have been wondering why I’m driving around in brand new cars. Nope, I’m not running a chop shop. Yes, I’ve been reviewing cars from the tech point of view, in preparation for the arrival of self-driving cars. The latest car I drove is the Subaru Legacy 2020... Read more
Casper’s IPO shows that popular Instagram brands need to show profits
Casper went public on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday morning, but much of the talk in the lead-up to the IPO was the startup’s recent struggles to get to this point. The New York City-based mattress seller significantly cut the price at which it would sell shares... Read more