5 WhatsApp Business features to Elevate Customer Experience
WhatsApp rolled out an additional feature called interactive message template a month back for WhatsApp Business API. As the name suggests, this feature allows one to include interactive components to messaging like a button. WhatsApp Business Account users can now build two types of pre-defined buttons: Call-To-Action: The call-to-action... Read more
Netflix fantasy series Cursed tries to imitate Game of Thrones, but fails
Nimue and Arthur. Netflix Netflix’s Cursed, a new R-rated fantasy series reimagining Arthurian legends, has a lot on its plate. A coming-of-age tale following a young Nimue, aka the Lady of the Lake, its 10 episodes try to juggle war, a love story, a medieval land-spanning quest and a... Read more
The Ultimate Quarantine Self-Care Guide: Nails, Hair, and Skin Care
Here’s how to take care of your nails, hair, and skin at home—because if there was ever a time to be kind to yourself, it’s now. Source link Read more
Glu reloads its war chest for mobile game acquisitions
Glu Mobile has grown into a big mobile gaming publisher through both acquisitions and home-grown titles. But as the world changes around the company, Glu is changing with the times. Back in June, the San Francisco-based company raised $151.8 million in a secondary public offering. That gave it a... Read more
Playing “Whack a Mole”: Law Enforcement Response to DDoS as a Service
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks pose a serious threat to an organization’s ability to serve its customers. A DDoS attack can knock a company’s web presence offline, making it incapable of responding to legitimate requests from customers. And as DDoS attacks become cheaper and easier to perform —... Read more
Facebook loses Disney Plus ad dollars amid boycott, report says
Critics, and some big brands, are unhappy with how Facebook handles misinformation and hate speech. Angela Lang/CNET As Facebook deals with an ad boycott put together by civil rights groups, the social network has reportedly lost a significant amount of business from one of its biggest advertisers: Disney. The... Read more
The World Is Noisy. These Groups Want to Restore the Quiet
Quiet Parks International (QPI) is a nonprofit working to establish certification for quiet parks to raise awareness of and preserve quiet places. The fledgling organization—whose members include audio engineers, scientists, environmentalists, and musicians—has identified at least 262 sites worldwide, including 30 in the US, that it believes are quiet... Read more
Work-at-home AI surveillance is a move in the wrong direction
While we have all been focused on facial recognition as the poster child for AI ethics, another concerning form of AI has quietly emerged and rapidly advanced during COVID-19: AI-enabled employee surveillance at home. Though we are justifiably worried about being watched while out in public, we are now... Read more
Best smart home devices that aren’t made by Amazon or Google
Amazon and Google dominate the smart home market. Beyond Amazon’s ever-expanding line of Echo smart speakers, the tech giant also owns home security startups Ring and Blink — and Wi-Fi router brand Eero. Smart thermostat maker Ecobee receives funding from Amazon. Google owns Nest and brought the company further under... Read more
Who Pulled Off the Twitter Hack?
On Wednesday, an unprecedented Twitter hack saw the accounts of Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Apple, Uber, and more fall into the hands of attackers who used that access to… push a bitcoin scam? It was a very bad, no good day, but if... Read more