Amazon’s answer to SpaceX Starlink delivers 400Mbps in prototype phase
Amazon’s competitor to SpaceX Starlink is moving through the prototype-development phase, with the company announcing yesterday that it has “completed initial development on the antenna for our low-cost customer terminal.” Amazon said its “Ka-band phased-array antenna is based on a new architecture capable of delivering high-speed, low-latency broadband in... Read more
Psychological Techniques Used in Selling Products
Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. It is the study of both conscious and unconscious phenomena, which also includes our feelings and thoughts. It plays a major role in human society and is considered an important factor in understanding someone or anyone. There are so many branches... Read more
AirPods Max review: The price hurts but these headphones are excellent
The AirPods Max fit a wide variety of head types. David Carnoy/CNET When Apple first revealed its new AirPods Max noise-canceling headphones, many people naturally balked at their $549 price tag (they’re £549 in the UK and AU$899 in Australia) — and their oddly shaped Smart Case. Personally, I wasn’t surprised... Read more
23 Gifts for Teens: Hydro Flasks, Instant Cameras, and More
Teenagers are intimidating. They seemingly speak their own language, their jokes are funny in a confusing way, and somehow they’ve always already seen the TikToks you send. It can be hard to keep up with the absolute coolest kids around, and that’s especially true when it comes to holiday... Read more
Deloitte: MLOps is about to take off in the enterprise
Deloitte Consulting published a report today that suggests a golden age of AI is in the offing, assuming organizations can implement and maintain a consistent approach to machine learning operations (MLOps). Citing market research conducted by AI-focused Cognilytica, the MLOps: Industrialized AI report from Deloitte notes that the market... Read more
How to watch: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director to reveal Sephiroth’s release date Thursday
Nintendo Final Fantasy 7 villain Sephiroth was revealed as the next fighter to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster last week, and this Thursday will bring more details. The One-Winged Angel’s release date and moves will be revealed in a Thursday livestream, so we’ll find out when he’ll... Read more
Russia’s Hacking Frenzy Is a Reckoning
This week, several major United States government agencies—including the Departments of Homeland Security, Commerce, Treasury, and State—discovered that their digital systems had been breached by Russian hackers in a months-long espionage operation. The breadth and depth of the attacks will take months, if not longer, to fully understand. But... Read more
New framework can train a robotic arm on 6 grasping tasks in less than an hour
Advances in machine learning have given rise to a range of robotics capabilities including grasping, pushing, pulling, and other object manipulation skills. However, general-purpose algorithms to date have been extremely sample-inefficient, limiting their applicability to the real world. Spurred on by this, researchers at the University of California, Berkely... Read more
Following Facebook and YouTube, Twitter will remove vaccine misinformation
On Wednesday, Twitter announced that it will begin to take down Covid-19 vaccine misinformation starting next week. The company plans to remove false vaccine content that it considers “the most harmful,” and later on it will start labeling other posts that could be misleading. “In the context of a... Read more
Ex-NASA engineer built an exploding glitter bomb to catch package thieves
This is what happens when the Glitterbomb explodes with colorful, biodegradable glitter and smelly skunk spray when a thief opens the stolen package.  Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET The next time someone tries to steal a package off your porch, scare them away with the power of glitter.  Ex-NASA and Apple engineer Mark... Read more