The next Game of Thrones? Fantasy books heading for TV and movie screens
Oscar Isaac looking ready to battle as Duke Leto Atreides in Dune.   Warner Bros. Pictures Game of Thrones filled our lives for nearly 10 years. While you wait (and wait) for George R.R. Martin to finish the novels that inspired HBO’s smash hit series, there’s no shortage of epic fantasy, sci-fi... Read more
The T-Mobile Breach Is Much Worse Than It Had to Be
In an email overnight, T-Mobile shared details about the data breach it confirmed Monday afternoon. They’re not great. Assorted data from more than 48 million people was compromised, and while that’s less than the 100 million that the hacker had initially advertised, the vast majority of those affected turn... Read more
Nvidia’s Q2 2021 revenues hit record $6.51B, up 68%
A new GamesBeat event is around the corner! Learn more about what comes next.  Nvidia reported revenues of $6.51 billion for its second fiscal quarter ended August 1, up 68% from a year earlier. Gaming revenue grew 85% to $3.06 billion. The numbers were above Wall Street’s expectations. Nvidia... Read more
Should you still buy an iPhone 12? The iPhone 13 may not be best for everyone
The iPhone 12 is an excellent phone, and getting one now may be better than waiting for whatever the next iPhone turns out to be. Sarah Tew/CNET It’s easy to fall into the trend of always wanting the latest iPhone, even though that may not be the best choice... Read more
How an Obscure Green Bay Packers Site Became the Biggest Thing on Facebook
The Green Bay Packers play in one of the tiniest media markets in the NFL, with a small but famously loyal fan base. It’s a key part of their charm. It’s also why it was so bewildering to discover that the single most-viewed URL on Facebook over the past... Read more
How Sledgehammer Games went on the expansion path for Call of Duty: Vanguard
A new GamesBeat event is around the corner! Learn more about what comes next.  Sledgehammer Games has been in the spotlight because of its work on Call of Duty, but it hasn’t had an easy time as a game studio and its parent company is dealing with big problems... Read more
4 Niche Automation Tools to Save Your Accounting Team
Companies sometimes resist the use of automation tools because they may replace jobs currently filled by people. However, while these tools and automated processes can replicate some of the tasks humans do, they actually free workers. In addition, automation tools can increase efficiency and productivity, reduce errors, and provide... Read more
CM Punk wrestling return to AEW: All the rumors explained
CM Punk at his WWE peak. WWE The last time CM Punk wrestled a full match was January of 2014. In the time since, Punk has become a successful comic book writer, an unsuccessful UFC fighter, and has developed an acting career. Now, it looks like he’s making a... Read more
China Aims Its Propaganda Firehose at the BBC
Chinese trolls and fake news websites have been attacking the BBC in a bid to undermine its credibility, new research published today claims. The online influence operation, which is being linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is seemingly a response to the BBC’s reporting on human rights abuses... Read more
Proofpoint and the Ponemon Institute: Losses due to phishing have almost quadrupled since 2015
The Transform Technology Summits start October 13th with Low-Code/No Code: Enabling Enterprise Agility. Register now! Costs from phishing attacks have tripled since 2015.  The  average annual cost of phishing has increased from $3.8 million in 2015 to $14.8 million in 2021. This is because phishing has a low entry... Read more