Google Cloud AI removes gender labels from Cloud Vision API to avoid bias
Google Cloud AI is removing the ability to label people in images as “man” or “woman” with its Cloud Vision API, the company told VentureBeat today. Labeling is used to classify images and train machine learning models, but Google is removing gendered labels because it violates Google’s AI principle... Read more
Mike Bloomberg tweeted a fake debate video. Is it disinformation?
Following his lackluster performance in Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg tweeted out a doctored video that made it look like he had a hugely successful moment on the debate stage, even though he didn’t. And while politicians putting out campaign ads that take their... Read more
WhatsApp dark mode could be on its way to iPhone
The iPhone version of WhatsApp could add dark mode soon. Angela Lang/CNET It seems iPhone owners be able to add some noir to WhatsApp soon. The Facebook-owned messaging app’s TestFlight beta program includes the setting in some recent testing notes, MacRumors reported. A beta of the update for WhatsApp’s... Read more
The Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Deals (and Which Model to Choose)
Every year, Samsung stuffs more and more tech into its phones—this year it’s touting 8K video recording, 5G, and 100X digital zoom on the Galaxy S20 range. But the added features give those phones staggeringly high price tags. The Galaxy S20 starts at an eyebrow-raising $1,000, and it is... Read more
ILM reveals how it used Unreal Engine for ‘The Mandalorian’
Visual-effects production house Industrial Light & Magic published a closer look at some of the new techniques it used for The Mandalorian today. I previously reported how ILM worked with Epic Games’ tools to project virtual environments onto giant LED walls on a studio set. Now, ILM is finally sharing... Read more
Twitter is considering putting a big bright warning label on misleading tweets from politicians like Bernie Sanders
Twitter is experimenting with putting bright orange and red labels underneath false statements and misinformation posted by politicians and public figures. According to a new report, the company included tweets from Sen. Bernie Sanders and Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in its design mockups. If implemented, the designs... Read more
Former congressman confirms he offered to broker pardon for Assange
Enlarge / Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on November 6, 2018, in Costa Mesa, California, just before he learned he had lost his seat to a Democratic challenger. Rohrabacher, the most Putin-friendly member of Congress, visited with Julian Assange in 2017 to offer him a pardon in exchange for proof that... Read more
Astronomers hope to watch this bizarre ‘hot Jupiter’ get destroyed
An artist’s impression of a “hot Jupiter” orbiting close to a star University of Warwick/Mark Garlick Astronomers have been watching a planet that whips around its star so closely and so quickly that they wonder if it could be spiraling toward its imminent destruction.  The exoplanet NGTS-10b is what’s... Read more
Bezos’ $10B Climate Fund, Bluetooth Bugs, and More News
A $10 billion climate fund has been proposed and bluetooth devices are exposed, but first: a cartoon about a modern day Lion King. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less. Want to receive this two-minute roundup as an email every weekday? Sign up here!... Read more
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is making me anxious
Nintendo revealed a raft of Animal Crossing: New Horizons details this morning. As part of the publisher’s Direct video event, it showed off what looks like an impressive expansion of the social-life simulator. But for as much New Horizons has going for it, I’m finding myself feeling anxious as... Read more