The DOJ Asks Startup Investors: Are Tech Giants Too Powerful?
Whether the largest tech companies have too much power has become a common question in Washington, DC. The House Antitrust subcommittee and Federal Trade Commission both have active investigations on the topic. On Wednesday, the Department of Justice took the matter of big tech’s power and what—if anything—to do... Read more
Dice Game of the Year: Untitled Goose Game
Honk, honk, honk. Untitled Goose Game won Game of The Year at the annual Dice Awards, one of the most prominent peer awards in video games. The fan-favorite title has added yet another honor for indie developer  House House and publisher Panic. The Dice Awards are staged each year... Read more
The American Journalism Project’s $1 billion plan to save local news
America has a local news crisis: The small- and mid-sized papers that told their readers what was happening in their communities — and held powerful people and institutions in those communities to account — are shrinking or disappearing entirely. Today, for instance, McClatchy — the newspaper chain whose 30... Read more
Pwns for sale: Scythe prepares a marketplace for sharing simulated hacks
Enlarge / Imagine a supermarket full of advanced persistent threats for your security team to throw at you. That’s what Scythe is aiming to be. As we noted earlier this week, there’s been a lot of action in the information-security industry around automation of tasks that typically get labelled... Read more
Nevada Democrats to use iPads loaded with Google Forms to track caucus
The Nevada Democratic Party will use iPads loaded with Google Forms to tabulate and report voting results during its caucus on Feb. 22. Sarah Tew/CNET This story is part of Elections 2020, CNET’s full coverage of the 2020 elections. Nevada’s Democratic Party said Thursday it plans to use iPads... Read more
The US Hits Huawei With New Charges of Trade Secret Theft
Competitors have long accused Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei of corporate espionage. Now the company is facing US federal charges over what prosecutors call a decades-long conspiracy to steal trade secrets. On Thursday, the Department of Justice filed a 16 count indictment against Huawei that included charges under the Racketeer... Read more
Panzer Dragoon Remake flies to Stadia as Google reveals new games
Google hasn’t had a lot to say about its cloud-streaming game service Stadia recently. But it broke that silence today by announcing a batch of games launching this year. These five releases also include three games that are timed-exclusive to Google’s platform. The games are Lost Words: Beyond The... Read more
Larry Ellison’s employees at Oracle are furious about his fundraiser for Donald Trump
Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison’s decision to host a fundraiser for Donald Trump next week has awakened the usually passive workforce at his company, angering some employees who are privately sharing their disgust with each other over Ellison’s actions. Their reaction reflects how toxic Trump remains in Silicon Valley —... Read more
500 Chrome extensions secretly uploaded private data from millions of users
More than 500 browser extensions downloaded millions of times from Google’s Chrome Web Store surreptitiously uploaded private browsing data to attacker-controlled servers, researchers said on Thursday. The extensions were part of a long-running malvertising and ad-fraud scheme that was discovered by independent researcher Jamila Kaya. She and researchers from... Read more
The Batman: first look at Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit
Actor Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader in The Batman. Matt Reeves/Screenshot edited by CNET The Batman doesn’t hit theaters until 2021, but DC Comics fans got their first look at actor Robert Pattinson dressed as Batman thanks to director Matt Reeves. On Thursday, Reeves shared a video via... Read more