Minnesota law enforcement isn’t “contact tracing” protesters, despite an official’s comment
“Contact tracing” has become the term du jour in the coronavirus era, as it’s largely seen as one of our best, time-tested tools to contain the spread of the virus and safely reopen the country. But it’s also controversial, especially with the rollout of digital contact tracing tools, some... Read more
Apple fixes bug that could have given hackers full access to user accounts
Sign in with Apple—a privacy-enhancing tool that lets users log into third-party apps without revealing their email addresses—just fixed a bug that made it possible for attackers to gain unauthorized access to those same accounts. “In the month of April, I found a zero-day in Sign in with Apple... Read more
UFC 250: Amanda Nunes vs Felicia Spencer — Start time, full fight card, how to watch or stream online
Amanda Nunes, almost certainly the greatest female MMA competitor of all time. Jeff Bottari UFC 250, the UFC’s second PPV event post COVID-19, takes place this Saturday, June 6. UFC 250 doesn’t have a super compelling main event like UFC 249 did. Amanda Nunes is without doubt the greatest female... Read more
Facebook Employees Take the Rare Step to Call Out Mark Zuckerberg
What happens when an immovable object meets a disgruntled workforce? We’re about to find out at Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has consistently refused to budge from allowing politicians—most conspicuously, Donald J. Trump—to post content that would violate the company’s rules against harm and misinformation. In dealing with recent Trump... Read more
How to get more followers on Instagram
Presented by RankWisely Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world, just behind Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a business person or individual who wants to grow their Instagram reputation, then you must attract more followers to it. Once you build up your followers... Read more
Target looting draws attention to company’s history with police
Target will temporarily close or limit hours at about 200 stores as protests over the death of George Floyd continue to sweep the nation. Other major retailers like Apple, CVS, and Walmart are doing the same. But Target, which is headquartered in Minneapolis and has a history of working... Read more
Nest users now covered by Google’s ultra-secure Advanced Protection Program
Accounts for Google’s Nest line of smart home devices are now covered by the company’s Advanced Protection Program, which traditionally has provided enhanced security for journalists, politicians, elections workers, and other people who are frequently targeted by hackers. Google rolled out APP in 2017. It requires users to have... Read more
Which states require face masks? Breaking down the rules for everywhere in the US
James Martin/CNET For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website. As the US starts to reopen from coronavirus lockdowns across the country, state governments and local health officials are instituting measures to help keep us safe as we venture into the public.... Read more
Artist Rachel Cabitt Is Trapped In a Quarantine Horror Film
In a pandemic, mundane tasks become material for a horror film script: Hand-washing, answering the door, looking at ourselves on a video call 10 times a day. Moments like these, along with flickers of inspiration from Cindy Sherman, the Italian horror film Suspiria, and the seductive glow of a... Read more
Clubhouse Game review — An instant Switch classic
I’m a Clubhouse Games fan. The 2005 Nintendo DS original is an excellent collection of analog games from around the world. It adapted classics like chess and dominoes in a way that made them fun to learn and satisfying to master. Now, the series is back with Clubhouse Games:... Read more