Protect yourself from coronavirus with a mask that looks like your face
An N95 mask with flair. Danielle Baskin It’s hard to stand out in a crowd when everyone’s wearing the same bone-white N95 protective facial mask. That could change if one San Francisco designer follows through on her idea to custom-print the respirator masks with images of wearers’ faces. The... Read more
Meet the Sulfur Miners Risking Their Lives Inside a Volcano
To celebrate his wife’s birthday last year, Canadian photographer Larry Louie took her to a sulfur mine. That wasn’t the plan—their original itinerary was in Bali. But after a couple of days in that tourist-plagued paradise, they began looking for something a little less commercialized. A bit of online... Read more
Japan Display launches 1058ppi 2.1-inch screens for smaller VR glasses
Two of this year’s most important evolutions of VR glasses involve increasing their display resolution and reducing their size — changes that Japan Display (JDI) is making possible. The company backed by Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba announced today that it’s now mass-producing a pair of high-pixel-density screens designed for... Read more
Watch a Boston Dynamics robot dog pull a rickshaw
Boston Dynamics recently recruited former MythBusters host Adam Savage to experiment with the dog-like Spot Mini to see what the robot is capable of. Savage previously ran Spot successfully through a police training obstacle course, and now it looks like the robot has a new skill — rickshaw driver.... Read more
A Car ‘Splatometer’ Study Finds Huge Insect Die-Off
This story originally appeared on The Guardian and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Two scientific studies of the number of insects splattered by cars have revealed a huge decline in abundance at European sites in two decades. The research adds to growing evidence of what some scientists... Read more
Apple will miss Q2 2020 revenue projection due to coronavirus impacts
Less than a month ago, Apple reported a record first quarter with revenues of $91.8 billion for the holiday season, and predicted second fiscal quarter revenues in the $63 billion to $67 billion range. Today, the company warned investors that it will fall short of that guidance due to... Read more
Jeff Bezos donates $10 billion to fight climate change
Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, has made the second largest charitable gift in recent history. The Amazon founder is giving $10 billion to a new initiative that will fund programs to combat the effects of climate change, he said in an Instagram post on Monday. The Bezos Earth... Read more
Freaky-looking ‘ice volcanoes’ erupt from frigid Lake Michigan
Ice volcano! NWS Grand Rapids Good news! We don’t have to go all the way to dwarf-planet Ceres to experience ice volcanoes. We have our very own version of this frosty phenomenon right here on Earth. The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shared some spectacular... Read more
36 Best Presidents’ Day Sales (2020): Mattresses, Kitchenware, Tech
It’s Presidents’ Day! Many of us have the luxury of having the day off. Even if you’re stuck working today, there’s one silver lining: The dozens of Presidents’ Day deals. Everyone knows now is a great time to buy a mattress, but we’ve found deals on everything from backpacks... Read more
Logitech Streamcam is a great 1080p60 camera for content creators
Logitech has made webcams for a long time. This has made it one of the go-to companies for the growing content-creator market. But while webcams like the C922 are great, Logitech always built its cameras as general-purpose devices. That left Twitch streamers and YouTube stars to repurpose these home-office... Read more