How Machine Learning Will Impact the Future of Software Development and Testing
Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are frequently imagined to be the gateways to a futuristic world in which robots interact with us like people and computers can become smarter than humans in every way. But of course, machine learning is already being employed in millions of applications... Read more
Baseball is back: Schedule, locations and how to watch MLB’s return
Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels bats during a spring training game against the San Diego Padres on February 27, 2020. Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images After the coronavirus postponed the start of the baseball season, and shut down nearly everything else, baseball is finally set to return with... Read more
Hackers Are Exploiting a 5-Alarm Bug in Networking Equipment
Any company that uses a certain piece of networking equipment from Seattle-based F5 Networks had a rude interruption to their July 4 weekend, as a critical vulnerability turned the holiday into a race to implement a fix. Those who haven’t done so by now may now have a much... Read more
Clearview AI stops facial recognition sales in Canada amid privacy investigation
Clearview AI will no longer sell its facial recognition software in Canada, according to government privacy officials investigating the company. The end of Clearview AI operations in Canada will also mean the end of the company’s contract with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, according to an announcement released today... Read more
Google, Facebook, and Twitter push back against new Hong Kong security law
Google is the latest company to say it will stop processing Hong Kong government requests for user data. The technology giant joins Facebook and Twitter in pushing back against a new national security law that went into effect earlier this month and could quash free speech and dissent in... Read more
Gotrax Xr Elite: An Electric Scooter with Kick
From college campuses and workplaces to around town, electric scooters are gaining in popularity across the country. I’ve been eager to try one out so I started with the Gotrax Xr Elite Electric Scooter because this brand has been making a wide range of electric scooters for some time.... Read more
The best-sounding earbuds for 2020
We’ve rounded up the top-performing inexpensive true wireless earbuds that sound pretty decent, and we’ve also got a list of the best cheap true wireless earbuds. But if you want to find the absolute best-sounding wireless headphones, the truth is that you’ll need to prepare to spend more — a lot more,... Read more
U.S. Supreme Court bolsters law banning robocalls
(Reuters) — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld and strengthened a law banning the broadly unpopular but ubiquitous telemarketing practice known as robocalls, striking down an exemption to the measure that had allowed automated calls for collection of certain money owed to the government. The court’s 7-2 ruling,... Read more
Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries: Patrice Endres episode oozes pulpy appeal
Netflix’s new Unsolved Mysteries revival occupies an interesting position within the true crime zeitgeist as it tries to serve two finicky masters. In one corner, we have fans of the original 1987 series, which ran for 14 seasons and more than 500 episodes before petering out in 2010. These... Read more
Uber plans to gobble up delivery rival Postmates in $2.6 billion deal
Enlarge / Bicycle couriers making deliveries to Uber Eats customers in São Paulo in April, 2019 (a year before the novel coronavirus pandemic). Uber is trying again to acquire a food delivery rival after it wiped out on its last attempt earlier this year. The company said today it... Read more