Amazon’s new one-tap ratings could help the fake review problem
Fake reviews still exist on Amazon, but the dominant online shopping platform recently made a big change that might help drown them out instead. The online retailer quietly introduced one-tap ratings for product reviews late last year, making it possible for shoppers to provide a star rating without needing... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S20 worth the upgrade? It depends on the camera and battery life
The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera performance could make all the difference.  Sarah Tew/CNET “Whoa. This is the Galaxy S20 Ultra?” I was so surprised, I said it aloud. Samsung’s Unpacked event was the first time I got my hands on Samsung’s biggest and baddest Galaxy S20 device. Due to... Read more
Levy Plus Review: A Comfy, Affordable Electric Scooter
Any device or service that gets people out of a fossil-fuel-guzzling, congestion-creating death machine (er, car) is great. But when it comes to e-scooters, I’m a big fan of owning your own, rather than renting one. If you own your own scooter, you’re more likely to be familiar with... Read more
The RetroBeat: Sonic’s movie is surprisingly fun for fans who grew up on the character
Well, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is out. And it’s not bad. Heck, I’ll even call it good! The film is lighthearted and fast-paced, and it has some decent laughs. But to be honest, the homages to Sega’s and Sonic’s past were my favorite parts. Which is kind of... Read more
Bloomberg’s Instagram meme ad campaign is backfiring
Billionaire and Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has hired some of the most popular accounts on Instagram to craft custom memes that make him more relatable to social media users. It’s the latest effort in the former New York City mayor’s incredibly expensive political advertising strategy — on which... Read more
Google Doodle celebrates Susan B. Anthony’s 200th birthday
Google is marking the 200th birthday of Susan B. Anthony with its latest Doodle. Google Google is celebrating the 200th birthday of women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony and the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the US with its latest Doodle, which went live on the search engine’s... Read more
If Apple’s 5G iPhone plans are still fluid, it’s in for quite a ride
If you believe most of the evidence out there, Apple’s iPhone designs are typically finished well in advance of their release, enabling the company to focus its final months on manufacturing the massive quantities users around the world will demand on day one. Due to problems with Intel’s 5G... Read more
Facebook canceled a 5,000-person conference in San Francisco because of coronavirus
Facebook is canceling an annual marketing conference it was planning to host in San Francisco next month over concerns about the new coronavirus — now officially known as Covid-19. “Out of an abundance of caution, we canceled our Global Marketing Summit due to evolving public health risks related to... Read more
US government goes all in to expose new malware used by North Korean hackers
Jung Yeon-Je/Getty Images The US Pentagon, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security on Friday exposed a North Korean hacking operation and provided technical details for seven pieces of malware used in the campaign. The US Cyber National Mission Force, an arm of the Pentagon’s US Cyber Command,... Read more
The best Presidents Day 2020 deals: Laptops from Lenovo and Dell, mattresses, SodaStream, vacuums and more
Sceptre Not every holiday can be as exciting as Thanksgiving or Christmas. And as it’s always within a few days from Valentine’s Day , Presidents Day has it tough. But retailers are doing their best to jazz things up with some Presidents Day sales. In some cases, like a... Read more